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    We are a couple looking to travel from New York up to the Maritimes and back down to Toronto in the span of about three weeks. I know it's crazy, but we have a small time frame and we want to see things. We leave New York on the 20th or 21st of August and want to make our way up to the Maritime Provinces through Vermont (Ben & Jerry's in particular, if it's not too far!), Massachusetts (Salem) and driving up the coast of Maine.
    1. Does anyone have any idea how long this drive would take?
    2. Does anyone have suggestions for cheap accommodations along the way? Anything for under $50 a night per room or am I being crazy?
    3. How long will it take to drive from New Brunswick down to Toronto through Montreal/Ottawa? And same question about accommodations.
    4. If anyone knows of nice little off-the-beat museums or attractions along the way, I'd really appreciate it!

    Thanks for your help!

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    And you're using a shotgun! "The Maritimes" includes 4 separate Canadian provinces covering over 200,000 square miles. Secondly, Vermont is not on the way to any of it from New York. However, that is not to say that your trip can't become a reality. If you feel comfortable driving something like 2500 miles in 3 weeks (which is, after all, only a little more than 100 mile per day). Start out by driving up the coasts of Connecticut and Rhode Island (with stops in Mystic and Newport) to Boston and Salem. Then head up thecoast of Maine, visiting Acadia National Park, etc. and into New Brunswick. Visit Fundy National Park and watch the tide (more exciting than it sounds) and continue up to Moncton. Take the ferry or bridge over to Prince Edward Island for a day or two. Return to the mainland and head up to the northeastern tip of Nova Scotia to drive the Cabot Trail. When you're done, head back to Calais, ME and take ME-9 to Bangor and then US-2 across northern New Hampshire and Vermont. This will bring you to within just a few miles of Ben and Jerry's. Then it would be on to the Thousand Islands Region and Toronto.

    There have been a number of discussions of things to see and do in New England, and I gathered up some of them here. I don't think they're mentioned there, but a couple of 'off-the-beat' attractions you might want to see are the Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, the Stanley (Steamer) Museum in Kingfield, ME, and Hope Cemetery in Barre, VT. Finally, you'll be pushing the edge to find $50 a night motels as a rule. This part of the country has a very short tourist season and so the proprietors have to make a living while they can. Not to say you can't, but I'd start looking now rather than try to find one on the fly each night.


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