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    Default stickies vs. threads

    Just wondering-

    Why are some threads "stickies" and others are not? Also, what do the grey or red envelopes to the left of the threads mean?


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    Default Stickies and such

    The sticky threads are those that have frequently asked items or hot topics. The colors of the envelopes indicate how much activity there has been in a particular thread.

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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks you- now I get it!

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    Default The legend is here

    Quote Originally Posted by meganb View Post
    Thanks you- now I get it!
    Also Stickies are assigned by the Moderators... The legend for the color of the envelopes can be found by clicking on any of the the Forum Topics (like Memorable Breakdowns) and scrolling down the page.

    You will see a box called "Display Options" and right below that box is a legend with all of the colored envelopes displayed.


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