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    Hello Everyone, I and my 11 yr daughter are driving from San Francisco CA area to Knoxville Tennessee...Time is on our side but on a budget..any suggestions of fun and interesting places to stop along the way?
    How do I keep her entertained? The drive will be 80 to Reno, through Salt Lake City, through to Omaha, then down 29 to Kansas City MO to I-70 to Knoxville. What do you think of the route?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    For starters, I-70 doesn't go to Knoxville, so how were you planning to get from I-70 to Knoxville?

    If it were me, I think I would cut down to I-70 in Utah instead of waiting until you get all the way to Iowa. I-80 is a perfectly fine route, and it has its charms, but I-70's beauty is much more obvious and easy to appriciate even from an 11 year old's point of view.

    One possibility for a stop along that route, there is a hot spring and pool with a waterslide in Glenwood Springs, Colorado that could be a nice treat along the way.

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    Sry about the confusion..really nervous and happy at the same time..We are Moving there.
    We thought of staying on 80 to Omaha because plan on spending the day there at the Zoo and seemed like a good place to head south when ready to hit the road again. Then take 29 to 70 to 64 and change to 75 outside of Lexington Kentucky to Knoxville.

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