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    My Daughter and I are leaving Wednesday from outside of Boston and driving to Northern CA. We are hoping to do a little off road dirt biking along the way and we are camping the entire way. Which route do you think is more scenic and a better overall experience for a dad and his 15 year old daughter, route route 80 or route 70?

    I am already planning to hook up with route 70 to go through the Rockies and then onto route 50 down the lonliest road in America. I have driven that route once before and I really want my daughter to experience it as well.

    Route 90 to route 80 seems to be the most direct route but if route 70 has more to offer the two of us, then I don't mind travelling some extra miles in order to have a better overall experience.

    I am able to locate off road riding area's travelling either route but my major concern is which would be a better ride for my daughter and which route offers more to see closer to the highway. We are into seeing quirky things along the way, those little freaky things that make America so great! LOL!

    Thanks for your help if you can give me any.

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    Default You are confusing us a tad....

    Quote Originally Posted by wheelz View Post
    My Daughter and I are leaving Wednesday from outside of Boston and driving to NorthernCA.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! When we read "route" we think of US Highways and/or county roads. And since you are using the terms for Interstate highways and US roads like US-50, it can get confusing. I am guessing that you were referring to I-90, I-80 and US-50? Since you mentioned I-70 through Colorado and Utah, I would suggest you drop down to I-70 fairly soon and that way you can stop at the St. Louis Arch on the way. For mountain biking, there is not a lot of difference between I-80 and I-70 across the midwest and the great plains, but there is a radical difference when you reach the Rockies.

    The section of I-70 in eastern Utah is one of my favorite highways and here a couple of field reports for some more ideas. Off-highway

    and views from the Interstate.


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    Default Another Country Heard From

    I am going to respectfully disagree with Mark on this one and argue for the I-80 route. While there is plenty to do in St. Louis and I-70 has some advantages through the mid-west (lack of tolls and somewhat less traffic prime among them) I-90/I-80 is a slightly more direct route and goes right by two national parks as you traverse the two major cities on it, Cleveland and Chicago, not to mention Niagara Falls. West of Chicago, there are a number of historic and entertaining options in Iowa and Nebraska as you basically follow the old Oregon Trail. I-76 then provides a perfect connection to I-70 at Denver for the rest of your trip.

    But the main point is: There really is no wrong decision here. As long as your daughter has a father who takes the time and effort to make sure that this is a fun trip for her, it will be. No matter which way you choose.


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    Thanks a bunch you guys. I am going to take AZBuck's advice. I will be sure to make my daughter the top priority. I have no set schedule other than being back in MA sometime at the beginning of August. We're not mountain bikers, we prefer the old fashioned way, which IMO means having some C.C.'s underneath us. We're camping and taking our time and really looking forward to logging some miles together. Thanks again for your help, I will let you know how we make out.

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