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    Two questions for you guys;

    I am planning ( a lonely driver) a trip (3rd week of June) from Riverside CA to Dallas/ Fortworth TX. A 2 to 3 days trip. Possible stop overs are Flagstaff ( or Albuqurqe)

    Pls advise

    A: Should I take I10 ? or go by I40 ??

    Some friends are suggesting I40 becuase of pretty ride as compared to I10 which will be through an arid and hot desert all the way.

    B: If I take I40, should I take HWY 287 from Amarillo to DFW ( and how fast can I drive there)??? or should I continue to Oklahoma and then take 35 to DFW???

    First time going on that route. Any help/ suggestions will highly be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Your statement of planning to make this trip in 2 or 3 days actually makes a pretty big difference in what I would recommend.

    You're going to be looking at a 1500 mile trip on the shorter route, which is I-10. Generally we recommend limiting your travel to around 500 miles a day, and that advice is even more important when you are a solo traveler.

    So having said that, if you intend to make this a 2 day speed run, then I would stick to I-10. El Paso/Las Cruces would be would be about the halfway point, and you'd have to be prepared to spend about 13 hours on the road each day.

    If you go with the recommended 3 days, which will put you much closer to a more reasonable 8-10 hour days on the road. That should also give you enough time to travel via I-40, if you'd prefer to travel that route. I believe that US-287 is a detour worth taking if that is the option you'd choose.

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    I was browsing the site for some ideas and registered just to provide some input on this trip.. :D

    I used to live in Riverside and still have family there. I moved to the DFW area in 2000 and have driven this route, round trip, about 5 times. I have always driven it solely as a means of getting to the destination, so can't give many suggestions on activities enroute, but at least I can share some observations.

    First, your questions:

    "A: Should I take I10 ? or go by I40 ??"
    Mileage and travel time is nearly the same for the two routes. I have driven both. 40 is probably much more scenic, depending on the landscape you prefer. 10 is mostly desert but there are soe very picturesque views, particularly in Arizona and New Mexico. 40 runs very close to the Grand canyon, only about an hour north of 40, so if you have never seen it I would definately make an effort to go that route. The elevation is higher on 40, and the weather is cooler in the summer. I last made the trip in December (06) and it snowed for a portion of the trip.

    Are you doing it one-way or round trip? If round trip do both.
    "B: If I take I40, should I take HWY 287 from Amarillo to DFW ( and how fast can I drive there)??? or should I continue to Oklahoma and then take 35 to DFW???
    Yes, take 287. Most of the time it is a divided highway although it does go through a number of small towns with stoplights. There are some really neat little towns though, and it is worth the time.

    General -
    On the southern route (I10) El Paso is pretty much the mid point, but also, between there and DFW there is a whole lot of nothing. Up to El Paso you pass through several major cities and states, once you hit Texas you have a solid 10 hours of Desert.

    I have made the trip straight and with a few hours of sleep. Plan on a good 21-22 hours of driving, including gas stops.
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