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  1. Default Planning a trip from MA to FL! ANY ADVICE?

    Hey everyone,
    Two of my buddies and I are planning a summer roadtrip from Worcester, MA down to St. Petersburg, FL. We're all 18 and we're celebrating the end of highschool with a trip down to St. Pete where we will stay in a condo belonging to my friend's family. We will be leaving the week after July 4th, possibly the 9th to the 14th. Any advice or thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox994 View Post
    Two of my buddies and I are planning a summer roadtrip from Worcester, MA down to St. Petersburg, FL.
    Congratulations on the soon-too-arrive high school graduation and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! By the shortest possible route, that is 1337 miles and if this is a round trip adventure it will require five days of driving non-stop 10 hour days (2.5 days one-way). How long will you have for the entire trip? You might want to have each of your take this quiz to make sure you have considered personal choices for the style of the trip. Read this article for conducting a safe speed run and have you and your folks read this article. One of the challenges you will have is that you may have some difficulty renting a motel room at 18 years old. Camping is always an alternative. Here are some more money-saving tips.

    Otherwise, I am sure you will have a grand adventure!


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    well actually we planned on driving more than 10 hour days, we we're thinking of driving one long day and just resting along the way. We wanted to have, in total, 2 driving days and 3 or 4 days in florida.

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    Default Not smart or safe

    Well, you probably won't like these thoughts and advice, but your plan is not a good one.

    1300+ miles is not a one day trip anytime, and you're looking at traveling the busiest traffic corridor in the US. Even best case you'll need more than 24 hours of time on the road to cover the mileage.

    While the energy of youth may let you think that you could pull something like this off, the voice of experience says this simply isn't a good idea. Even over 2 days, this would be a major speed run, trying to do anything less will inevitably put yourself in a situation where you and others will be in danger.

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