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    Hey everyone,

    I need some help and advice on this. I have to be at a wedding in Flagstaff late on a friday afternoon. Only problem is that I also have to be in Boulder on Saturday morning. I'm expecting it will take at least 12 hours. However, I wanted to know if anyone has made this trip before. Whats the quickest route there and would it be too taxing of a drive doing it in the middle of the night? I would have a co-driver so I would not have to make the entire drive myself.

    Google tells me to go through Albuqurque, but looking at the map this does not seem like the shortest distance to take. Is it simply faster to drive around the Rockies rather than going through the four corners area or up through Grand Junction? Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It might be a little shorter and/or faster to go up via US-191 through eastern Utah, joining I-70 just past Moab. That route is about 700 miles, but it does include a fair amount of 2 lane highways.

    I-40 to I-25 is a good 100 miles farther, however it is all interstate, which I would generally prefer on an all-night trip.

    Its a tough call here, and I haven't driven US-191 and the other routes that you'd need to take the shortcut to know which route you'd be better off taking.

    However, I can say that I would expect the trip to take you at least 14 hours, and I know I wouldn't want to attempt this kind of trip, especially not after an event like a wedding, unless I absolutely had to.

  3. Default Us191 Vs I40/i25

    The interstate route will be faster, even though longer in distance. While US89/160/191 are good roads in most segments, there are few nighttime services and there ARE some slow, narrow and winding sections. I40 and I25 also are 24 hour roads -- you'll find regular services which are especially important at night.

    For what you are planning, I wouldn't begin to consider any other route (take the interstate). Keep in mind that your time will be 12 hours just for the driving -- not counting stops. Even with a second driver, that's a tall order. Plan ahead for the privations, make sure you are as rested as possible -- and make it an adventure! A SAFE adventure! Keep the shiny side up! -Bob

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