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    I'm taking several roadtrips in and the around the U.S.. I have searched and searched places to visit...and its all so vague. Could people give me recommendations of places to visit. It can be great hotels, parks, museums, roadside sites, awesome food, festivals and great things to do. Just make sure you let me know where it is.... Thanks Everyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tmast2580 View Post
    I'm taking several roadtrips in and the around the U.S.. I have searched and searched places to visit...and its all so vague.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum -- I doubt places are "vague" perhaps you could share a little about what interests you and we can offer some suggestions.


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    Default Full of good ideas!

    This very site (not just the forum) is full of great ideas of fantastic places to visit. As Mark says, let us know a little about the sort of thing that you want to see, in which area, and at what time of year and we'll hopefully be able to help.

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    I think most of my trips aren't defined by a timeframe. However I'm up for suggestions as to where I should travel for each season (spring, summer, fall, winter). Having never done this I'm not sure what times are optimum for what places. My first trip however I would like to be from Philadelphia, PA to Hollywood, CA. As for places that would interest me: shopping, good food, cars, museums (of any kind), monuments (historic and recent), architecture (golden gate bridge etc), parks (national and amusement). Some of the places I'd love to see (if this helps for any ideas): The Smithsonian, Kennedy Space Center, Carlsbad Caverns, Yosemite, any art museum, Golden Gate, New Orleans (festivities included), Disney World, Disney Land, Busch Gardens, Niagra Falls, White Sands, a redwood forest, a petrified forest, Aspen, Space Needle, Vegas, any roadside attractions...did I mention good food? I have a template for my first trip. Meaning that nothing is set in stone, except for rest for the longer legs.

    -Philadelphia to Fenwick, DE (visiting family)
    -Fenwick/Selbyville, DE to Roanoke, VA (370mi)
    -Roanoke, VA to Savannah, GA (455mi)
    -Savannah, GA to Nashville, TN (500 mi)
    -Nashville, TN to New Orleans, LA (532 mi)
    -New Orleans, LA to Houston, TX (350 mi)
    - Houston, TX to San Angelo, TX (430 mi)
    I couldn't find a good midpoint between Houston and Holloman, NM so San Angelo was the pick. If there are any good options feel free to let me know.
    - San Angelo, TX to Holloman, NM (535 mi)
    - Holloman, NM to Phoenix, AZ (452 mi)
    - Phoenix, AZ to Las Vegas, NV (288 mi)
    - Las Vegas, NV to San Diego, CA (333mi)
    -San Diego, CA to Hollywood, CA (127 mi)
    - Hollywood, CA to Sacramento, CA (379 mi)
    - Sacramento, CA to Salt Lake City, UT (654 mi)
    - Salt Lake City, UT to Denver, CO (533 mi)
    - Denver, CO to Keystone, SD (388 mi)
    - Keystone, SD to Bloomington, MN (620 mi)
    - Bloomington, MN to Chicago, IL (414 mi)
    - Chicago, IL to Cleveland, OH (345 mi)
    - Cleveland to HOME (420 mi)
    * remember that on the longer legs I will be taking a rest break. Like a said anything off the path, or anything to see or do just let me know. I don't have much of a time frame to be anywhere.

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    Hi! What a fun trip! I am a very inexperienced roadtripper (taking my first one with my family this !aturday -- 3weeks cross country!). I can only help you on a small portion -- I'm from the Salt Lake City area so I can help you a little there.

    I'm guessing this is a summer trip....?

    Coming into SLC from West

    Salt Flats - never been there - but its a huge flat salt area where lots of racing is done -- might be interesting if you are coming in close by
    The Great Salt Lake

    Salt Lake City - has a rich pioneer heritage -- so there are lots of museums of that nature... plus lots more!

    Historic Temple Square -- a beautiful experience for people of any faith
    Family History center -- they will help you trace your family roots -- if you are in to that!
    Museum of Church History -- great pioneer artifacts
    Joseph Smith Memorial Bldg -- a couple of great places to eat -- also a free movie inside
    The Lion House -- famous for their down home cooking restaurant downstairs and you can tour that and The Beehive House -- a family home - for free.
    Also, some great dining in the downtown area
    click here for discount passes

    Red Butte Gardens
    Tracey Aviary
    Hale Center Theater - great local talent in several locations

    Farther North
    Lagoon - a small but fun amusement park in Farmington

    Farther South
    Thanksgiving Point - beautiful gardens, fun shopping, golfing & great dining -- in Lehi
    Timpanogas Cave - a beautiful short hike up a Timp Mtn (in American Fork Canyon) and then a tour inside of the cave to see stalagmytes...or whatever they are...lots of fun.

    East of Salt Lake
    Lots of ski resorts....lots of them offer summer programs - symphonies, concerts, theater -- my favorite is Park City -- you can ride the alpine slide (buy the multi-pass its lots of fun!) Park City is an old mining town turned tourist village where the Sundance Film Festival is held each year. A fun walk down the downtown blocks to see the quaint shops...a huge variety of eating outlet mall... you can bike, hike, take a balloon ride...its really a fun day to spend and beautiful year round.

    The Heber Creeper -- an old working train that takes you on a ride through the beautiful canyons.

    I-70 to Denver - is a breathtakingly beautiful drive over the Rocky Mountains - one you wouldn't want to try in the winter! You could stop at any number of ski resorts on the way .... picnicing, hiking -- thats all I've done because we are usually headed on to OK.

    These are just some of my favorites off the top of my head...let me know if you need more info I'd be happy to help -- pm me because I'll be on the road!
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    Default SLC to Denver

    Shawna, thanks for the great list of suggestions and welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum!
    I-70 to Denver - is a breathtakingly beautiful drive over the Rocky Mountains - one you wouldn't want to try in the winter!
    It can be a "pucker time" but not really all that bad -- I have driven it three times in blizzard conditions -- and very gorgeous in the summer. Plus the section of I-70 from Cove Port to Green River is one of my favorite drives in the west!


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