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  1. Default NJ to Cali - out and back

    well, like the title says,
    me and three other friends are planning a trip to california from NJ taking a southern route (thru georgia, texas etc) and back

    we'll need a car to rent, and we won't be sleeping in motels or anything... also we are going to bring as much "community food" as possible (large quantities of cereal etc)

    as you can see we are not spending much...
    so with that, how much do you think it will cost per person?

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    Default The bare minnimums

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Its always difficult to plot out a budget for someone else, and in your case we don't know how long you're going to be on the road and just how much money you have available to spend. So instead lets just give you some help on creating your own budget.

    A common pitfall includes trying to save so much money that you budget unrealistically small. I see some potential for that here. Buying community food at a grocery store is a great way to save money, but if you only look at things like cereal and sandwiches, you can quickly get sick of eating only those things, and you'll be more likely to blow your budget by eating a lot more restaurant meals.

    You also mention that you aren't planning to sleep in motels. Then where are you planning to sleep? Sleeping in a car can be ok for 1 or maybe 2 people, but there's no way for 4 people to sleep comfortably inside a car, especially on a trip that is going to require several weeks.

    So keeping that in mind, This thread will give you a good idea on how much things will cost as you build a budget. And This Thread examines the budget for a trip similar to yours.

    You might first want to figure out just how much money you have available, and then decide if you are at least in the ballpark for making this trip. Once you develope a plan, by all means, come back and share it and we'll let you know what we think about it.


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