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    Default Connecticut to California--Help!

    Hey. I'm going to be relocating to California from Connecticut sooner rather than later so I'm going to be packing up my little Civic and driving west and I'm flying blind. I'm going to go to AAA (gotta use the membership for something) to get routed but I wanted to know what's out there, where's the best place to stay and all of that fun stuff. I'll be traveling to the Santa Cruz area of California, Central Coast and I don't want to take too much time, no more than a week. I know I'm driving right in between places like Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon so is there anything to see between those two places? I know I'll be coming close to Vegas so would that be a close stop? Any tips or anything like that would be helpful. At the moment I don't know if I'm traveling alone or not. While I'm scared to travel alone, I've done it in Europe so if I can get over that, I can handle traveling within my own country that doesn't have a language barrier. So yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Easy Drive With Lots To See And Do

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    By all means, get a TripTik and any and all free maps that your AAA membership entitles you to. I can almost guarantee that they'll route you on I-80 pretty much the entire way, and that is your road of choice. I'll assume that you've already seen much of the east and will have time in your new home to see the west, so pay the most attention to the middle of the country as you drive across. You can make the trip in 6 relatively comfortable days (500 miles a day) even stopping to see a few things along the way. So if you can add a 7th day, I'm going to recommend that you leave I-80 for a while and cross northern Colorado rather than southern Wyoming. If you take I-76 just west of Big Springs, NE, you can then use US-34 from Wiggins, CO to go through Rocky Mountain National Park. On the far side you'll connect with US-40 west which will take you to Vernal, UT and Dinosaur National Monument before reconnecting with I-80 just east of Salt Lake City. Not that I-80 through Wyoming is a bad road, it's just that that's how I'd spend an extra day on your route. But as I said, it's all about the middle of the country for you and don't forget to make a few stops in Iowa and Nebraska too!


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