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  1. Default 3 Kids 12&under- Phoenix to Los Angeles; stop at Grand Canyn & where else on the way?

    This is an amazing resource. Thanks for being here. I don't find it so easy to search; however.

    We are coming into Phoenix in August and getting a rental car. We're not campers but we love science, history, and comfortable viewing of natural wonders. I can figure out what to do once I get to LA; I am overwhelmed as to how to best research what's on the way. With 3 kids 5 and up, I'd rather drive less than 4 hours a day.


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    Default Try These

    On the way up to the Grand Canyon from Phoenix, itself a 4 hour drive, there are quite a few spots that might appeal to your kids. You can get off I-17 at Rimrock (Exit 298) and take AZ-179 up to Sedona where AZ-89A will take you north through Oak Creek Canyon and Slide Rock State Park. Or you can leave I-17 a bit earlier at Camp Verde and take AZ-260 up to Cottonwood and Tuzigoot National Monument then continuing up AZ-89A through Sedona as above and on to Flagstaff. In Flagstaff, there are three possibilities you should consider: Walnut Canyon National Monument, the Museum of Northern Arizona, and Lowell Observatory.

    You can make it from the Grand Canyon to Los Angeles in two 4-hour driving days, with an overnight at Needles, CA. Stops might include a detour off I-40 from Exit 44 west of Kingman on the old US-66 through Oatman on the first day and a trip through the Mojave National Preserve on the second.


  3. Default What about Alburquerque as starting point?

    We are considering leaving from Alburqueque, stopping at Santa Fe, then onto Grand Canyon, on the way to CA. I think we will need a mid-stop between Santa Fe and Grand Canyon. While I can figure out Alburquerque/Santa Fe area, a kid-friendly trip to Grand Canyon I can use help with.

    Here is what I am thinking, based on AZBuck's recommendations and my ignorance and little research:

    1) Alburquerque
    2) Santa Fe
    3) Sightseeing and some overnight stop
    4) Overnight in Sedona: Oak Creek Canyon/Slide Rock Park
    5) Williams for train into Grand Canyon village. Stay here as base for a couple of days for area? (what do you all think?)
    6) Flagstaff: for Lowell Observatory and Walnut Creek Canyon Stay here instead?
    7) Grand Canyon. Stay here at all? I've heard dismal stories re area accomodations. Is the SkyWalk worth the trouble?
    8) Onto Needles for a night. Anything on the way?
    9) Onto LA. Anything on this leg?

    Thanks, and thanks!
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  4. Default Gallup, Holbrook or points west...

    A couple of interesting places to stop could include:

    - Gallup New Mexico, which is the big city near the Navaho Nation. I remember going to the the Navaho Nation Rodeo there with my parents.

    - Petrified Forest/ Painted Desert National Park near Holbrook. Holbrook has a reasonable number of hotels if you need to break the trip over night. You can't collect any petrified wood at the National Park, but there are several BIG rock shops which sell petrified wood collected outside the national park, along the route back to Holbrook from the southern entrance/ exit to Petrified forest.

    There are also several other dinosaur related roadside attractions east of Holbrook.

    - Meteor Crater, off the highway west of Holbrook.

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