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  1. Default one mom, three kids, detroit to salt lake city. . .

    Is that a crazy idea?

    I am in the planning stages of this right now. my plan is to stop in boulder for 4-5 days, then to SLC, possibly to boise, yellowstone, and back again. other possible stops include louisville, omaha, and returning through the U.P. of michigan.

    My kids are ages 3, 5, and 7.

    I am a fairly experienced road tripper. I've driven MI to Key west a few times, to boston, chicago, cleveland, cincinnati, toronto and all over michigan. We recently took the kids on a roadtrip to Atlanta. We drove it all in one day - 13 hours. The kids did really well. We also regularly drive a 4 hour trip.

    My sister in SLC, and I'd be visiting friends in boulder for up to 5 days or so. I'll stay at my sister's for a couple weeks, and allow 3-4 driving days each way (any other stops along the way being 1-2 days). The entire trip would be approximately a month.

    I'd plan to drive a reasonable amount of hours (I'm thinking 6-8) then stop before dark, let the kids play, have dinner, sleep, then get up early and head out again. It's possible that my husband would join us for the return trip.

    Everyone that I mention this to kinda looks at me like I have 3 heads. Am I missing something??

    ETA: by the way, hi! this is my first post here.
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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!
    Clearly, this is the wrong place to come to if you're looking for someone to try to talk you out of taking your kids on a RoadTrip across America. For the most part, we cut our teeth on such adventures, loved it, and grew up to driving fan(atic)s. Your kids also sound like they'd enjoy it, and you seem to have plenty of time to take this at a good, leisurely pace.

    Boulder is near the edge of a three day drive. Four would better suit your preferred pace and would allow you to show the kids some of the sights along the way. Coming back from Yellowstone is, similarly, a 4-5 day drive. Again, with your relatively short days (6-8 driving hours) you should really plan to be at the high end of these driving day estimates.

    Just a couple of caveats. I think it was Ben Franklin (as Poor Richard) who said "Fish and guests start to smell after three days." So make sure that your sister and friends are really eager to host you for extended periods, and don't treat their homes like hotels. Be a host yourself occasionally. Take them along on some of your local trips. Take them out to dinner. If they have kids, offer to take just the kids somewhere along with your brood, so that they get a day to themselves.

    My own mom used to take all 6 of us from the east coast to Wisconsin for the summer on her own. We visited family, and drove around the state. without question, these trips produced the best memories of my childhood. Go for it!.


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    Default A few more ideas for you

    Quote Originally Posted by turquoise View Post
    I am a fairly experienced road tripper.
    That's good to know -- I would be interested what you think of our "Get Ready, Get Set and Go" program for planning family roadtrips!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
    That's good to know -- I would be interested what you think of our "Get Ready, Get Set and Go" program for planning family roadtrips!

    I just checked that out and it's great! I'm going to refer to that often as the trip gets closer.

    "Fish and guests start to smell after three days."
    LOL. I actually have 2 different friends in boulder, and we'll stay 2 days or so at each. My sister is having a baby and the plan is for me to be there for that. . . I've already told her that she may end up wanting us the hell out of there!

    I am sure that I will be able to do more like 8-10 hours of driving per day. I'm going to really map it out once I decide my exact plan.

    thanks so much!

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    Default 8-10? Maybe

    It's no big deal to drive 8-10 hours for a one-day trip. But if you do this for several days at a time, fatigue will definitely set in for you and I think your kids might find this too challenging. It's really better to plan for keeping your driving days shorter. Even if you can do it, it doesn't necessarily mean you should. I think everyone would enjoy a bit slower pace.

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