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    I am thinking of making a trip over a weekend from OK City to Omaha in a few weeks... some people seem to think this is pretty much a boring drive through the middle of nowhere. I have to be in both places though, and I think I'd rather find a way to drive it, instead of flying.

    Any thoughts as to some good routes/good places to eat (I'm a foodie who will make huge detours for the right reasons) along the way? I don't mind a few hours of quiet, contemplative driving, and I appreciate pastoral scenery, to a certain point.

    Never been anywhere in this part of the country, so I'd love to take advantage of it. Thanks in advance for any feedback/advice you can provide.

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    Default There are No Boring Places

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    That is one of the guiding principles here at RoadTrip America, and certainly applies to this stretch of road. The direct route (I-35, US-75) would be a full day's drive (465 mi), but for a few more miles you can travel almost the entire way on scenic and historic roads, starting by heading northeast through Oklahoma on old US-66. You then have your choice of a couple of places to turn north for the run through Kansas. US-169 and US-59 are marked as scenic in my Rand McNally atlas, while alternatively, you can continue to US-69, the Frontier Military Scenic Byway. Both will set you up to be in Kansas City around dinner time for some great barbecue.

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    Default Watch Out for College World Series

    Omaha annually hosts the College World Series in June. We found out the hard way that finding a room is next to impossible. We did find a Motel 6 with one room that they wanted $100 for. We ended up driving to Des Moines and got the last room at a more reasonable Motel 6.

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