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    We are two close families (4 adults and 6 kids total) travelling to Colorado Springs. The adults have been to the Springs many times and know where to take the kids, what to see and where to stay. WE NEED HELP WITH THE DRIVE THERE! Our plan is to drive to Kansas City and stay there for the night. I'm trying to find a route from Kansas City to Colorado Springs where we can see more than just flat land. I was thinking of traveling to Dodge City (5 of the 6 kids are boys). Any other suggestions on places/things along the way to interest the kids. We would like to take a different route home also. Any and all suggestions are welcome.

  2. Default The highest point on the Great Plains... still pretty low.

    Still, I find them irresistable. Many historians and ethnographers feel that much of the character we identify as uniquely American was formed by our association and experience with the Great Plains.

    Your best bet for interesting terrain in Kansas is to follow the rivers -- but there aren't too many of those along your route -- at least where a road follows a river. One exception is US400/US50 between Dodge City and west over into Colorado (along the Arkansas River). Other than that, the Plains are (almost imperceptably) "gently rolling" where they aren't "Plain flat." And treeless.

    Another possibility for interest is to follow the Santa Fe Trail, at least in part (it is south of most of your route). Try to get the boys to imagine what it must have been like along that trail as a young teamster back in 1830 or so.

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    The 'short' way between Kansas City and Colorado Springs is to just follow I-70 into Colorado and then cut down on US-24. At nearly 600 miles, it is still conceivable to do this in a day, but with 10 people, including 6 children, such an endeavor would sorely tax everyone's sanity. I suggest taking a more casual approach using the better part of two days, and spending the extra time seeing some of the attractions along the way. If nothing else, the out-of-car exercise will do you all good. As Bob pointed out, a more interesting routing would be to drop down to Wichita and then take US-54 to Mullinville, US-400 (itself a uniquely numbered highway) to Dodge City, US-50 to Pueblo and then I-25 up into Colorado Springs.

    There are a number of spots to stop along this route that will keep the kids' attention. Wichita is the center of general aircraft production in the US and the Kansas Aviation Museum. It's also home to the Old Cowtown Museum. A little farther west, you'll have the opportunity to bring the stories they see on TV home to your kids as you drive through Greensburg, while Dodge City offers another chance to get a taste of cowboy culture. And once in Colorado, the Koshare Museum offers the Indian point of view, and Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site is a window into the life of the pioneers who traveled the Santa Fe Trail.

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    We ended up taking 70 out and detoured to see "Rock City", "World's Largest Ball of Twine" and "Van Gogh". It was a fun little detour off 70.

    We returned through Dodge City. There was a little more to see on that route.

    Thanks for your suggestions.

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