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    I'm driving from San Francisco to New York City next month... I have a companion through Albuquerque, with stops at Zion and Bryce parks. After a few days visiting a friend in New Mexico, I'm off to NYC on my own... any suggestions for about a three-four day trip? I don't want to drive too much per day, but don't want to spend too many nights on the way alone.
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    Hello, and welcome to the forum. (You're certain to get a more formal greeting from the Editor or one of the moderators.)

    You'll be looking at a 2000 mile drive, which can be done in four comfortable days of 500 miles or so each. Unless you extend your trip, you won't have much time for sightseeing, so you might as well do the trip in as straight a shot as possible.

    It looks like I-40 out of Albuquerque to Oklahoma City and I-44 from there. Follow it all the way up to St. Louis, and hook up with I-70. Stay on 70 all the way into Pennsylvania when it joins up with I-76, but then stay on 76 through PA. I believe it becomes I-78 which will take you into the heart of Manhattan.

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    Law's advice is spot on. Trying to do this in less than 4 days would really be pushing things as a solo driver. That's still going to require you to keep up a pretty good pace and won't allow for too much siteseeing.

    You can also check out the Solo Roadtrip Section and this thread with links from several of our solo roadtrippers...
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