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    Default Cleveland to Cape Cod!

    This is our first time taking the 11 hour drive from Cleveland to Cape Cod. We are interested in hearing experiences from those that have done it, including any must sees!!

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    Default 13 hours if you are lucky!

    Quote Originally Posted by Dianna M. Barnes View Post
    This is our first time taking the 11 hour drive from Cleveland to Cape Cod.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum. By the shortest possible distance that would be ~ 695 miles and I would be astounded if you could cover that particular route in less than 13 hours. It is unwise to believe the times found on online map planners like Mapquest or Google... Hopefully this will be a two day trip?


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    Default tolls

    You may already be well aware, but many people are kind of shocked when they enter into the northeast by all the highway tolls. Make sure you bring alot of spare cash for tolls. There are alot of them once you hit New York all the way through the rest of your trip. Of course if you already have an EZ Pass you're in good hands.

    Also I'd be sure to stop by and see the Island of Nantucket.
    And if your trip allows you, be sure to stop in Boston. There are tons of things to do and see there. Fenway Park, The Boston Aquarium, Bostom Commons, just to name a few. There are also countless historical towns along I-90 in Mass. and NY. Since I'm sure you'll be taking some pits stops along the way, the information centers at the various rest stops along I-90 are great resources to get information on where you are heading and the local area that you are in. They also tend to offer really good deals on hotels and tours.

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