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    We need advice..In a few weeks, my husband and I are going to experiance our first cross country trip. We are leaving from Richmond, Va and heading to Pittsburgh and then on to Chicago. After Chicago we have no idea where to go. Our ultimate goal is to reach the Grand Canyon and then head to Vegas. On our return trip, we would like to go down through Texas and New Orleans... we will end our trip in Savannah, GA. We have about 3 weeks to travel. Any tips would be most appreciated. Thanks! :-)
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    I hope you have a few weeks (at least) for this trip, because you actually have some very nice choices for both routes. On your way out from Chicago to the Grand Canyon, the most direct route is just I-80 through Iowa and Nebraska, then taking the I-76 cut-off toward Denver. You can either continue on to Denver and pick up I-70 there, or leave I-76 at Wiggins, CO and take US-34 to and through Rocky Mountain National Park, using US-40 east to connect to I-70 when you leave the park. Shortly after entering Utah, exit onto US-191 for a visit to Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. In southeastern Utah, be sure to take US-163 southwest through Mexican Hat and Monument Valley before your final run into the Grand Canyon on US-160/US-89/AZ-64.

    For your drive east through Texas to New Orleans, leave Las Vegas on US-93 to Kingman, AZ to pick up I-40 east through the Flagstaff area, Petrified Forest National Park, El Malpais National Monument, and Petroglyph National Monument to Amarillo and then cut southeast across Texas on US-287 to Dallas and I-20 into Louisiana.

    On your return to Richmond from New Orleans, I heartily recommend that you look at some of the great scenic highways of America, the Natchez Trace Parkway and the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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    That is a lot of driving in three weeks, but can be done.

    From Chicago, I would suggest taking Route 66 as much as possible. It is generally right next to, or within a few miles of interstates, so, if you find that you are running behind, you can hop right on to make some time.

    Route 66 will take you through Springfield, Il, and all the Lincoln stuff, and try a Cozy Dog, one of the original corn dogs. Then you'll go through St. Louis and the Arch. Make sure to get a "concrete" at Ted Drewe's.

    Then you'll have a beautiful drive through the Missouri Ozarks, Tulsa, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Tucumcari, Albuquerque, and Flagstaff. Definitely take Route 66 from Kingman, Arizona to Needles, Ca. It will take you one one of the most scenic drives you'll ever see, plus you'll get to say hi to the wandering wild burros in Oatman.

    From there, you can get to Las Vegas fairly easily.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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