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    Could any one give me some advice on touring around Lake Michigan in an RV with three small children. We are hoping to do it in 7 seven days but have no real plans on where to stay and what to visit. Is it possoble to stop off on the roadside overnight with an RV or do you have to go to a campground? Are there any good RV campgrounds around the area. How often do we have to stop to empty waste etc? Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks

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    Someone else, in nearly your same circumstances, posted regarding a similar trip a while back. At that time I offered this advice on places to see along the way around Lake Michigan. It still holds. While I am not an RVer myself, I would be very hesitant to just pull off on the side of the road to make 'camp' for the night. Besides, there are plenty of both commercial campsites on this circuit for under $40/night with full hookups, as well as state park campsites with full hookups sometimes under $30/night. These also usually come with playgrounds, lakes and hiking trails that the roadside lacks. As far as how often you'll need to empty your waste tanks, that clearly will depend on their size and your usage, but I would think that every other day would be sufficient. Hopefully if some of our more experienced RVers know better, they'll correct me. Be sure to check through the many other articles on RVing that RTA offers.


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