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    Default Fly to Vegas, rent car, drive to Grand Canyon

    Anyone done that? Hope to stay at lodge on North Rim but probably already booked. If cannot get into lodge, probably go to South Rim. Want to go through Hoover Dam on the way. Suggestions, please?

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    Your general plan to fly into Las Vegas and then drive to the Grand Canyon is one that is carried out every day. There are a few things you need to be aware of, however. Both the north and south rims of the Canyon are a good day's drive from Las Vegas, so you should plan on being out 'on the road' for two days plus whatever time you're going to spend at the Canyon, so three days at least. The North Rim is more remote, meaning the drive will take a bit longer and there are fewer options to camp outside the park if it is full, but it is much less crowded in general. On the other hand, Hoover Dam is on the route to the South Rim, there are many more options outside the park should you need them, and there are more tourist facilities within the park to handle the larger crowds. There are advantages and disadvantages to both Rims, but you will have to choose between them.


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    Default Choose? Why choose?

    I would do a loop so you're driving on new roads. Of course, to do this, you'll need 1 more day than Larrison suggested. Do Las Vegas-Hoover Dam-South Rim-North Rim-Vegas; or vice-versa. The rims are very different from each other. Pictures you see are typically from the South Rim. The North Rim is greener and the lighting is different. Both are worth seeing, imho.
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