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  1. Default Road trip to Grand Canyon from Ontario Canada? Good idea??

    Hi out there
    Our interest in traveling to the Grand Canyon was sparked this morning after reading our local newspaper's travel section with an article titled "Quintessential American Road Trip" - Santa Fe, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley Make a Majestic Vacation."
    The woman who wrote the article had flown to Albuquerque and rented a car from there for their family's road trip. We live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and my husband thinks it would be a great idea to drive from home base and see the sites as we go. (if we do go, we will be taking our 13 year old son along)
    I'm assuming it will be a very long road trip and not sure if this is a good idea. Just wondering what your opinions are and, if we do decide to drive, can you recommend an interesting route and stops and stays worth making on our way.
    Thinking of traveling in June?, August? or September? and dedicating 2 weeks to the road trip. Is this possible or worth it? Any info would be appreciated.


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Two weeks is not a lot of time to make this trip, though it is possible. The round-trip distance will be at least 7,000 km (about 4200 miles), meaning you will have to average around 300 miles a day.

    That said, it would be at least four days out and four days back to make it a comfortable journey, leaving you 5-6 days to spend in the area.

    That time of year can get very hot in the Southwest, so you will want to be prepared for that as well.

    The trip from your home will be along much of the route of old US 66. If you do a search (in the green bar above), you will come up with a wealth of information about the trip out to the Grand Canyon area.

    To answer your question about whether or not the trip is worth it - I definitely say "yes"!

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    Hey Dreamer, I am doing the Route 66 trip starting on July 28th, 2007.
    I'm just outside of Toronto, and there are going to be 2 vehicles heading to Santa Monica, with a 2 night stay at the Grand Canyon en route. I've been doing lots of searching for Route 66 info and it's awesome what you can find online. We aren't doing a "true" Route 66 trip as we'd need about 2 weeks just getting to California, so we are hitting the highways most of the time with stops at different spots along the way. we are also taking a northern route homebound.
    Go for it.

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    Default Route 66 Resources herein

    Quote Originally Posted by Go Mango View Post
    I've been doing lots of searching for Route 66 info
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! The great thing about the Web, is that one can update information much faster than in traditional book publishing. For your route in Illinois -- be sure to look at RoadDog's on-going field report, and this is the RTA Route 66 resource page and this site is arguably the best out there for pre-planning purposes. Here is RoadDog's 13 day trip on the Mother Road.


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    Thanks Mark, you have given me some great direction towards my trip, again thanks and keep up the good work.

  6. Default Route sound Feasible? from Ottawa Ontario to Clearwater Florida

    Well, our plans to drive to the Grand Canyon from Ottawa, Ontario have changed since we would probably need 3 weeks to fully enjoy that road trip.

    We have approx 11 days, so now we're driving to Clearwater Florida (actually Bayonet Point) leaving day after Independance Day - (not sure if anyone would think this is a good idea, but a friend has offered us his winter place at a price too good to refuse - and my 13 yr old son is all for it since he'll get to swim in the ocean and see actual palm trees. LOL)

    So, here's our driving plan, if it sounds feasible (not really knowing what to expect on the highways) - from Ottawa drive to Baltimore - spend night (Mapquest estimates approx 8 1/2 hrs via I-81 S and I-83 towards south Harrisburg crossing into Maryland).
    - then, next day, drive to Charleston, South Carolina via I 95- spend night and - next day drive all the way to Bayonet Point. Any opinions on this route? Does it sound possible, quick and enjoyable?

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    Default Feasible, Yes

    Your plans seam generally reasonable, as long as you don't expect to be able to match the driving times that MapQuest gives you in the real door-to-door world. You will have to add in time for gas, meal and rest breaks along the way, as well as allow for slowdowns due to traffic, border crossings, toll booths, etc.; none of which MapQuest takes into account. The Baltimore - Charleston leg will be pushing it at nearly 600 miles and includes a morning drive around Washington's notoriously gridlocked beltway. In fact, I see no reason to detour off to Charleston, since you won't have time to sample that city's sedate charms. Rather, I think you should just stay on I-95 and find lodging a little farther north to try to even out your three days' drives, say around Sumter, SC.

    The trip sounds possible, but at three days of driving, I wouldn't call it quick, and you are going to be driving over some of the heaviest travel days in the US, so it may not be the most enjoyable drive you've ever taken. Still it will be a family adventure, and you will get a good five days on the Gulf. And, as you are aware, your son will love it.


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