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    We've got two days at glacier and want to see the best sites. We plan on taking the new shuttles (free with park admission) on the "going to the sun" road. Will that take up most of one day? Are the Red Bus tours worth the money? If so, which Red Bus tour should we take? For the next day we are stuck between the boat tours and Horseback tours. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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    Default Touring

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I can't say I can give you much help with your tour options. I've found you can usually have just as much fun exploring the parks on your own as you can with a tour company. I also don't know what a Bus tour would show you that you won't see on the NPS Shuttle, but the shuttle's also new since the last time I was there.

    I think I'd opt for a horseback or boat ride than another bus trip, but thats going to be a matter of which kind of adventure sounds more fun to your taste.

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    Default Sights in GNP

    Here are some of the sights we stopped at along the Going to the Sun

    Sorry, I can't give you advice about the Red Bus Tours, except that the
    red buses look really neat.

    Red Bus:

    On our road trip back in 2002, we stopped at Avalanche Creek.

    Logan Pass:

    Near Logan Pass, we took a hike towards Hidden Lake. We hiked
    to the Hidden Lake overlook where we encountered mountain goats.

    At the overlook, they had us surrounded, but we cut through some bushes
    to get out of their way.

    We also hiked the Hi-Line trail for a bit where we encountered a
    Big Horn Sheep. We had a face to face meeting as we rounded a
    corner of the trail. After a few seconds of a stand off, he bounded
    down hill and went around us. It was quite exhilarating to see
    such a magnificent animal.

    Also along the Going to the Sun Road, is Lake St. Mary and Sunrift Gorge.

    There's also a great steak house in Babb near the eastern entry called
    the Supper Club.

    Have a great trip.
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    Default Our take on the Going-to-the-Sun road

    Quote Originally Posted by the boot View Post
    We plan on taking the new shuttles (free with park admission) on the "going to the sun" road.
    Here is a field report from our last trip along this famous road.

    Absolutely gorgeous photos -- the light on the moutain sheep is awesome

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    I was out there three years ago I think its the best NP in the country. If you like to hike there are some of the best hikes in the country in that park. From short easy ones to long and hard multi day hikes. Also I found the camping to be very good in the park and cheap we stayed on the eastern side. And there was allot of wildlife. And not many people, enjoy

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    Default oooh...

    After reading this thread, and the report linked above, Glacier has moved right up my list of 'must visit' sites! It looks fantastic!

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    I can give you a little heads up about the park. Years ago (like 10) I went with my family to the park. We were on a 3 day stopover while taking a train cross country.

    We did the red bus tour (sorry don't know the tour name) but they call the busses "jammers." Pros, they give you lots of random facts about the park and the guides were very well informed and could answer all questions. But that was years ago. Cons, as a teenager on the tour I thought it was mostly dumb and as with any tour you find people asking the dumbest questions. Sorry its true but I was 14 at the time so I might have a different outlook now.

    As for more in the park and area. The Montana Rafting Company was a really good time. I am a big fan of whitewater rafting and I remember it as a highlight.

    We also went horseback riding and if you like horses it is a great experience and you feel like you are truely in the west. The hiking is great and I am sure I could tell you more about this after the summer as I will be living about 30 minutes from the park all summer.

    Whatever you do it is an amazing place and just enjoy the views!

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    Thanks everyone!!! Lots of good info here. We're getting so excited!!! I was telling everyone at work about our trip today. I don't know how I'll stay focused for three more weeks!

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