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    Default Seattle to Boston in November

    I'm an Australian traveller wishing to drive from Seattle to Boston in November. I have driven in every populated continent around the world, except North America. This has included desert areas, but I do not have so much snow experience. Is this a hazerdous journey at this time of year? How many miles could I fairly expect to do each day? (I have a month for the trip.) I will be taking heaps of photographs and writing a journal as I go - it may become a book or a series of newspaper articles. I certainly want to take time to meet as many people as I can along the way, so travelling quickly is not my main purpose. Would it be safe to drive through either of the Dekota's, Minnesota, Wisconsin or Michigan areas at that time of year? I will be hiring a vehicle. Any suggestions. Thank you for any help. Kimbo

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    While you certainly could, and likely will, encounter snow if you drive across the northern Tier of the US starting in November. However, Thousands of people drive on those roads every day, so safety shouldn't be a huge concern. Just follow basic the basic winter safety rules, and if conditions get beyond what you feel safe driving in, simply stop and let the storm pass.

    With a month you should have plenty of time. We generally recommend limiting travel to around 500 miles a day, which would get you from Seattle to Boston in about a week. A month will give you plenty of time to travel at a slow pace without worrying about running out of time.

    The Dakota's area great place to slow down and meet friendly people. Here's a field report you might enjoy.

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    Default Thank you Midwest Mike

    Cool Michael, thanks for the tips.I will definately do the trip. Does any one out there have a recommendation as to what car to hire, and what about gas prices? Is this trip going to cost me a mint?

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