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Thread: TN to AZ to NY!

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    Just looking for some advice (everyone who replies on here seems really helpful, so thanks in advance!)

    Two of us will be travelling from Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN to visit friends in Phoenix. We were then hoping to camp near the Grand Canyon and travel back to NY. We have from June 18th to the 28th, so 10 days for the whole thing, with maybe 2 whole days in Phoenix. We're planning to camp most of the time. We have a little over $2,000 total saved up. We're not fancy, just young and adventurous.
    -I've used mapquest and to look up directions but am wondering if there are better routes that aren't coming up.
    -Any particular camping areas/must-sees that stick out?
    -I've been looking for a comprehensive checklist to makes sure we have everything we need but I haven't found a really good one yet- have a link?

    Thank you! I'm really excited about this and would appreciate any feedback.

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    Manchester to Phoenix to the Grand Canyon and back east to New York requires that you drive around 4400 miles. Even if you manage to do 600 miles a day (a really full day's drive), You're still looking at 7 and a half days of hard driving with no time out for any sight-seeing. Add in two days in Phoenix and a half day at the Canyon and you've used up every minute available to you. Similarly, even if you get 20 mpg and can find gas for 'only' $3.25/gal, you're going to need $715 just for gas. Assume you can get campsites for $20 a night every night and never need the soft beds and showers of a motel (optimistic), and that still leaves you with about $50/day per person for everything else including meals, nights out, and emergencies.

    This trip is right on the hairy edge of what can be done. You will have neither the funds nor the time to visit a lot of 'must-sees'. You will have to stay focused on the task at hand, which is pretty much driving down the Interstate every day. Now if that appeals to you, by all means go for it. But if you're under the impression that this will be a relaxed joy ride with plenty of meandering down side roads and hiking by beautiful streams, then you really need to rethink your plans. Here's a good list of the basic equipment you'll need for a couple of weeks of camping out of your car. This is not really a recommendation that you not make this trip, just a warning and a hope the 'Forewarned is forearmed".


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    Assuming that you need to find campgrounds near or at the Canyon -- Mather Campground at the South Rim often is booked fairly solid in the summertime. If you cannot get a reservation there, you might try Ten-X campground (a forest service campground) just south of the park on SR64 (and south of Tusayan). It is a very nice forested camp and you can sometimes get a space there when Mather is full.


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