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  1. Default When I'm Not the Driver...

    When I'm taking my trip next month, when you drive, you drive. You can have a conversation, listen to music, stay focused and safe. But half of the time (since I'm going with one person) I'll be riding shotgun. Now being with a person for 3 weeks means we'll run out of things to talk about.

    So what do I do? Reading is out of the question, I'll get sick. I can't focus long enough, but can pull off a crossword puzzle maybe. The scenery will be beautiful, but are there any little things that people do to make the time go by on those long stretches of boring road? Thanks!

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    Default Never noticed an issue before

    Quote Originally Posted by szarkajl View Post
    Now being with a person for 3 weeks means we'll run out of things to talk about.
    Really? Are you married? Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I have tried to come up with a solution -- but I just can't understand the problem...
    The scenery will be beautiful, but are there any little things that people do to make the time go by on those long stretches of road?
    I really, really enjoy being on the road and never look forward to having it "over" so I just can't get my head around needing to find a way to "not be in the moment on the road trip". Sorry, maybe someone else has been in this spot -- but after nearly 600,000 miles on the road, I just can't remember when this has happened to me.


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    Default Thinking time!

    Welcome to the site!

    I tend to use that time to think, to clear my head, and enjoy being away from the day-to-day stuff that you're trying to get away from by going away in the first place. I guess it's more about a state of mind than anything - if you sit there with the attitude 'this is a boring road', like I used to do, then it will be. If you just try to chill, you'll find that the fun has a funny way of coming to you!

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    Well, some of these threads, it seems that people try to get around parts of 'middle america' where it's just long stretches of flat land.

    I have spent at least an hour today just thinking about being able to unwind on this drive, but does it get uncomfortable driving through West Texas in over 100 degree weather? I guess what I mean is, if I'm not comfortable, it's tough to have a good time. Thanks!

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    Default Long drive

    I don't think you'll need to worry too much about this. I've road tripped from Maine to Alaska with my brother. And the whole stretch of I-95 from Florida to where it ends on the Maine/Canada border with my girlfriend and I've found in both cases that the adventure of the road trip tends to keep things fresh and exciting. In both cases I was sure that much time on the road together would lead to some irritability on both ends, but it didn't. You'll have music and endless conversation about the things your seeing and experiencing. And theirs always things like books on tape and talk radio. Just make sure that the subject matter is something you agree on. And in the case of books on tape make sure it's something you can both enjoy. I also get car sick when I read and buying those books on tape was the best decision I ever made, I think you'll both love it.

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    Default Audio books

    Quote Originally Posted by szarkajl View Post
    I guess what I mean is, if I'm not comfortable, it's tough to have a good time.
    Audio books are about as different from books on tape (the old way of doing them) as you can imagine -- We have a whole list of audio books that we recommend. This one by Tim Cahill about his mis-adventures in Yellowstone will get you laughing at loud and others are just as good. I suggest you read our list of reviews/recommendations and stock up! (74 to date!)


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    Default How about quiet?

    Nothing wrong with a bit of silence once in awhile. I never get bored on the road either. There's always something new to see. When in the car, sometimes we listen to music and sing, sometimes we talk, we listen to audio books, or satellite radio (especially news, comedy, talk, and classic radio shows). But there are times when silence is nice, too. I've never felt that one has to talk all the time to experience togetherness and comraderie.

    Hubby and I have driven for miles rarely saying a word, just holding hands, grooving to the tunes, and enjoying the view.

    Just my 2 bits!

  8. Default "Navigator" is an important job...

    When I drive with a group, we always have a rule that someone sits and "navigates" -- they can't nap, and they have to keep the driver company.

    Their job is to handle the maps and directions, check the guidebooks and miscellaneous paper that you need on a trip, handle the cell phone if you need to use it, adust the radio or tape or CD as needed, play with the GPS, dig stuff out of the cooler if necessary, open the driver's water bottle when necesseary (nothing harder to do with one hand than opening a new water bottle), keep peace in the car (nothing like 6 11-year-old Boy Scouts on a 4 hour drive for excitement...), and everything that doesn't involve driving.

    And oh yeah.. talk to the driver if they want to talk.

    Seriously.. while there are times when things slow down, there's enough things to do ranging from looking out the windows to checking to see if there's a hotel available in the town we might be stopping at night for the navigator to do.

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    Default Attitude is everything

    I really have to ask, WHY are you going on this roadtrip?

    Based on your questions, it sounds like you've already decided that you're going to have a lousy time.

    If you have it in your head that you are going to be uncomfortable and miserable in the passenger seat, and you've already decided that you aren't going to see anything interesting while you cross the plains, then that's exactly what you'll get on your roadtrip.

    My response is the same as everyone elses, I've never had this problem because I always find new and interesting things on the road, no matter where I'm traveling. But if I was determined that a place was going to be boring, then I imagine I would have a hard time finding things that were interesting.
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    Default Getting Creative

    I have to agree with Michael on this one. If you affirm it will be lousy, then it will be lousy.

    When riding shotgun, it's true sometimes it can be boring. Miles and miles of corn is not exciting, understandably. In those cases, it's always good to take a nap. However, to pass the time, it's always good to find creative ways to pass the time.

    1) Track route process, find alternate routes, watch for construction, (listen to the CB if you have one).
    2) Track the weather, keep an eye on the horizon for possible storms.
    3) Create and maintain a Trip Blog (especially if you have either mobile internet access or the ability to send email from your phone to a blog-posting email address.
    4) Take photos, video, etc.

    I've taken a lot of road trips, including through some boring parts. I tend to try to get some rest during those parts, but the rest of the time I try to find a way to make it interesting. Frequent stops always help, because what usually causes boredom is not the miles of corn, but instead the fact you haven't had any change of atmosphere for a while.

    Good music always helps. And I'm not just talking about the classics. Pick up some CD's of bands you've never listened to before... the unfamiliarity will keep things interesting. I can recommend a few bands that few others have heard of that are good: Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers, Blue October, Huns & Dr. Beeker, Andy Hersey... but find a music genre you like and find a new sound.

    Just a few suggestions of my own.


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