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    My peeps and I will be travelling from Cincinnati to Defiance (to pick up more peeps), to Yellowstone to Vancouver, BC to Seattle (to visit some more peeps)and back this August. Any suggestions on what to see/experience during our trip? Most of us have never been west of Chicago before (at least not by car) and we would love some tips. We plan on driving as much as possible with our only planned stops for two nights in Vancouver and three nights in Seattle, so we are pretty flexible. Thanks!!

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    Assuming you mean Defiance, OH (There are 6 different towns named Defiance in America), you're basic route is I-90. That same general trip is currently being discussed in another thread as well, so keep an eye on it. Exactly how much time do you plan to have for crossing the country? It seems a shame to drive all that way and only make one or two stops.


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    Defiance, OH - yep.

    We are only going to have 10 days to travel, and require most of our time be spent in Seattle to visit friends and relatives. We are, however, open to the idea of stopping for one day or making several different short stops along the way. I wish we had more time, but with everyone's seemingly shrinking vacation time, 10 days is squeezing every last penny out of paid time off for my group.

    Thanks for the help!!

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    You have 10 days total and at least 1/2 that is going to be in Vancouver & Seattle. This leaves at most 5 days total for travel.

    Cincinnati-Defiance-Yellowstone-Vancouver is 2725 miles, figure about 48 hours for this trip (this includes time for quick stops for fuel/food/bio breaks but no sight-seeing time). So even if you drove straight through with no stops for sleeping, that's 2 full days. Remember, this is straight-thru. No sight-seeing in Yellowstone and no sleep.

    Seattle-Defiance-Cincinnati is 2460 miles, about 43 hours with the same quick stops for necessities only, no sight-seeing. So almost 2 full days without taking any time to sleep or rest.

    This takes up your whole time and you've only been able to sleep for 1/2 the nights of your trip. How can you possibly make this work? I realize you might think that you can switch off drivers and the non-drivers can sleep in the car. But this isn't a restful sleep. I think you'll still arrive in Vancouver/Seattle exhausted and be even more exhausted by the time you get home. I would seriously be concerned about your ability to be alert and be safe drivers by the time you leave Seattle and start for home. Unless, of course, you spend a huge part of your time in VAncouver/Seattle sleeping. But that kinda defeats the whole purpose of going there, doesn't it?

    Maybe I'm missing something but this trip seems impossible. Sorry. You need more time or you need to fly, imho.

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