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  1. Default pittsburgh to seattle HELP

    If anyone has traveled I-90 I'd like to hear some general suggestions from you. we will be traveling on 90 for about 2,000 miles so I'd like to know a little bit of what to expect. We were thinking about camping (tents) on the trip instead of staying in motels. Is this a bad/good idea? Also, what must-see sights are there that are on the way and not too far off track? Any other random suggestions would also be helpful. Thanks! _melanie_

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    Default I don't have my maps handy...

    so I'll have to stick to the camping question. Yes, do it. If you like camping, doing it on a roadtrip is great. Far better than sitting behind the 4-walls of a hotel room, imho. It also encourages you to get some exercise. Something often needed after sitting in a car all day. Putting up the tent makes you stretch and move. And walking around the campground, checking out the sights, scoping out people's campsites and rigs, and seeing what license plates are there and where people have come from, and striking up conversations with other campers is a great way to end the day.

    How many days are you allowing for this trip? We typically recommend not averaging more than 500 miles/day. Even that limits your time to sightsee but it's about the most you can travel over a period of days without getting too worn out. Of course, if you have more than 4 days so you can drive less and play more, that's even better.

    I'll try to get back in later with answers about what to see. Of course, others might beat me to it.

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    Default An Alternative to I-90

    For reasons discussed in this thread (namely the tolls on I-76/I-80/I-90 through the near mid-west, and the construction in Chicago) you might want to consider an alternate route that has you first heading south on I-79 to Washington, PA and then taking I-70/I-74/I-80/I-29 to Sioux Falls, SD. Besides the attractions listed in that thread, here are a few more to consider as you cruise through Iowa.

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    Default West from Iowa

    These stops are either on or relatively near I-90.

    South Dakota: Corn Palace in Mitchell, Wall Drug in Wall, Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Badlands, Buffalo Gap, Wounded Knee, Crazy Horse Memorial, Wind Cave NP

    Wyoming: Devil's Tower, Sundance, Fort Kearney

    Montana: Little Bighorn Battlefield, Reno-Benteen Battlefield, Big Timber waterslides (just a fun place to stop and camp!), Bozeman has a fantastic dinosaur museum, the Copper King Mansion in Butte is pretty cool, Grant-Kohrs Ranch

    Idaho: Wallace-Osburn-Kellogg are little towns with a lot of character and would be fun to poke around; Old Mission State Park; Coeur d'Alene is also a nice city, quite pretty and worth a stop. If you like roller-coasters you can't go wrong spending sometime at Silverwood in Athol (just a short drive north of Coeur d'Alene). They have a nice campground there, too.

    Washington: Since this is my stomping grounds, I'll go in more detail. Between Spokane and Ellensburg, you will go through some desert areas and farmlands. Some of the desert areas will have sharp edges, lots of rocks and ravines. When you see these you are probably seeing the coulees. Coulees were carved out by the flash flood caused when the ice broke and the inland sea that covered much of the midwest poured out at the end of the last ice age. Geologists believe it was one of the biggest floods ever and it scoured the earth through here so deep that it still hasn't fully recovered. Fascinating.
    Spokane - Check out Riverfront Park. Look for the giant Radio Flyer wagon. Fun. There are nice restaurants along that area, too, so this would make a good lunch or dinner stop.
    Moses Lake - Built on a nice, large lake with good recreational opportunities.
    Between Moses Lake & Ephrata - If you have time, take Hwy 17 north to check out Dry Falls (I think it's only about 30 miles or so). Geologists believe that Dry Falls was one of the biggest, most powerful waterfalls in the history of the planet. Also due to the flash flood described above. It's quite impressive and would certainly dwarf Niagara if the water was still crashing over this cliff. Lake Lenore Caves is a cool stop along the way.
    Vantage - The Ginkgo Petrified Forest is cool. Oh, and right before you cross the river before Vantage, look up on the hill to your left for a series of statues of wild horses. There's a parking area there if you want to stretch your legs and hike up to check them out.
    Snoqualmie Pass - Shortly before the pass, you might enjoy veering just a few miles north of the highway to visit the town of Roslyn...especially if you enjoyed the TV show Northern Exposure. The outside scenes were filmed here and Holling's bar that everyone hung out at. It's fun to visit the bar and to see the Oasis Cafe mural that the moose walked past. Cute little town with some history worth checking out, too. On the western side of the pass, you might want to stop in Snoqualmie and visit Snoqualmie Falls. Lovely.

    Do you need advise about what to do in Seattle? And are you traveling around any other parts of Washington state while you're here? If you do nothing else, please be sure to check out Mt. St. Helens. Awesome!

    Hope this helps!

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