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    So, we're planning to pull a small pop-up folding camper with our 6c. '98 Camry --anyone ever used a pop-up, or know of a good place to rent one around L.A.?
    We're driving from L.A. to NYC in 8 days, but need to go through Texas, & Oklahoma for business(about 3 days there). Can anyone recommend the best way to search out small camping sites? or find pet-friendly lodging? Any route advice post Oklahoma to NYC most appreciated.

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    Most campgrounds will be able to accommodate this type of set up without too much difficulty - find a place in an area you'd like to stay and you shouldn't have too much trouble getting a spot. Most of the campgrounds I've stayed at are pet-friendly.

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    [Editor's Note: We recommend a couple of different campground directories -- here is some information. and we suggest your read this article about renting RVs. The links in that article should lead you to a company that rents pop-ups]

    As for the route from Oklahoma, the prettiest should be I-40 to I-81 through the Appalacians to I-78.

    If you are looking for suggestons of things to see after Oklahoma, there are just too many choices without knowing your particular interests, but you won't have a lot of time after spending 3 days in TX and OK.

    Craig Sheumaker

    Co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years
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    Dear Tim: thanks for the reply. we've now ditched the idea of a camper and will just do motels this trip. take are -- maryjay

    Dear craig: thanks for the info --I appreciate hearing aboutt he route out of oklahoma into the Appalachias --
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