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    we are planing a cross country trip next summer. in our RV. we live in rochester new york i am trying to get a little bit of info like what to see and where to go. the farthest we will probably go is Colorado to the rocky mountains. we will probably go for 2 or 3 weeks. we have kids 11 and 13. we don't want to go to like California we will fly there a different year. its just a matter of time and where to go. any ideas? thanks in advanced.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stc123 View Post
    we are planing a cross country trip next summer. in our RV.
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! I couldn't tell from your post where you are starting from, but RVing with a family is a great way to travel. Even if you are an experienced RVer you might find this handy checklist a great tool when planning this adventure.

    As far as where to go, it would be helpful for us to know where you are starting from.


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    sorry we live in Rochester NY and will be starting from there.

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    OK, if I were looking to make a three week RoadTrip with family starting in Rochester and getting to Colorado, I'd probably start by looking at something like the following: Start with a shortcut across Ontario to Port Huron, MI and then wander up along the lake shores to Duluth, MN. There are a number of beaches, historic sights, and accessible offshore islands that make such a route intriguing. From Duluth, I'd head southwest through the 'Land of 10,000 Lakes' into southwestern South Dakota and the Badlands, Deadwood, Wind Cave and Devils Tower before dropping south to my Colorado destination - Rocky Mountain National Park. For a return routing, I'd take the old Oregon Trail (now I-76 and I-80) east through Nebraska, stopping at some of the unique geologic landmarks and old cavalry forts that dot it, and then maybe drop down to Kansas City and St. Louis before finishing up the journey by travelling up the Ohio River into western Pennsylvania and home.

    But that's just a rough itinerary that appeals to me. All you really need to do is just pick a few destinations along the way and start tying them together with places and sights along the way that appeal top you and before you know it, you'll have a great trip set up that is custom made for you.


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    ok thanks for the coments

    has anyone gone to lazy lakes campground near Niagara falls. if so is it a good campground. and what is there to do in the campground.

    has anyone been to Triple R camping resort in franklinville NY. if so is it a good campground, what is there to do and can class A rv's camp there.

    is cross country in the rv worth the money and time and is it fun especially with kids
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    but first, how old are the kids, how far are you planing to go, what do you want to see, and how much time do you have for the trip.

    We did one-way from Orlando to Tacoma (6,004 miles) in 28 days in an RV with two teenagers. The schedule was packed but we had a great time. Your experience may vary, depending on all of the above.

    AZBuck has a good approach to making an interesting and efficient trip. As for campgrounds, pick up a Trailer Life or Woodalls campground directory here. All the info regarding rig size and recreational facilities is listed, and if you need more info they list websites, and failing that you can call or email.

    Your kids are a good age for this kind of trip as long as you don't spend all the time driving.

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