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  1. Default help. my mum is planning a california roadtrip


    my old dear is planning a 11 day road trip.

    she wants to go to las vegas from la for two nights, then on to the grand canyon for two nights. then she plans to drive from the grand canyon to yosemite. can she do this in one day or should she break the trip up with an overnight stop in death valley? she'll probably take the tioga road but time is a premium.

    she'll spend two nights in yoesmite, two in san fran and then two days and a night in big sur on the highway 1 to la to catch her return flight back to the uk.

    is this all feasible? and is a one day roadtrip from grand canyon to yosemite realistic, or should she stop over at death valley?

    thanks in advance,


  2. Default Slight change in route?

    Hello DanG --

    It's pretty much a full day's drive from Las Vegas *east* to the Grand Canyon (figure 5-6 hours on the road). Its another 2-3 hours *west* of Las Vegas to Death Valley, and another 6 hours or so *west* to Yosemite from Death Valley. So driving from the Grand Canyon to Yosemite is around 700+ miles (more if you go via Death Valley), and will take around 12-13 hours of time. That's really too long in a day, particularly since that time doesn't include any sightseeting stops, and minimal breaks for gas, bathroom, food, etc.

    As an alternative, you might try breaking it up as

    - LA to Grand Canyon. A long day's drive, but doable. 500 miles, and around 9 hours of driving (with minimal stops).

    - Grand Canyon to Las Vegas (around 6 hours).

    - Las Vegas to Death Valley, with the option of either staying the night in Death Valley, or continuing towards Yosemite from Death Valley. If you don't want to stay in the heat of DV, you can stop in the Lone Pine to Mammoth region on the east side of the Sierras and go over the Tioga pass the next day to Yosemite.

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