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  1. Default upstate NY to Greensboro, NC by myself!

    Hello everyone!
    I'm very new to the site (as in I just found it today) and thought maybe you smart roadies could help me.

    I am very excited to say that I will be traveling from Potsdam, NY (about an hour south of the Canadian border) to Greensboro, NC in the middle of June. I'm moving there for the summer to do an internship at an important television station there.

    I will be traveling by myself, which I am very excited about. Nothing says freedom like being able to do whatever I'd like! :) Unfortunately, I'll need to be there rather quickly so too many stops would keep me from doing that.

    The trip is approximately 750 miles. I'd like to stay overnight about halfway through the trip, but do not mind traveling an extra hour or two to stay over in an interesting town.

    Any tips on a town I should stay in, or how to handle road boredom when traveling by one's self? Thanks so much!

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    Welcome to the site
    I'll leave the advice on the route to those who know the route but, from a 'beat the boredom' point of view, I'd suggest that, if this is your first long-distance solo trip, you're unlikely to feel the boredom. While something is new and exciting you'll generally not struggle too much. However I'd advise finding interesting places to stop every couple of hours where you can get out, stretch the legs, breath some fresh air and let your eyes relax for a bit.

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    Just did a google map of a possible route that takes you through Harrisburg, PA. The town of Lancaster, PA (just over 400 miles from Potsdam) is quaint and interesting. The surrounding area is the famous Pennsylvania Dutch area with beautiful farms and landscapes. York, PA is another historic town that seemed interesting, though we weren't there very long. The tour of the Colonial Complex on Main Street was quite good.

    See if you can get a hotel in the historic district, usually more of an "adventure" than staying out on the Interstate. Too bad you don't have more time, there are many interesting historic places to see along the way.

    What takes you to Greensboro? That is a nice area, too.

    Craig Sheumaker

    co-author of America's Living History-The Early Years.

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