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    We are going on a two week trip from Illinois to Colorado in June. We will be camping for 3 days straight at the most and never more than 2 days between stops in major stores/cities.

    This is what we have thought of so far.
    If you have suggestions on where to get the items we still need or brands to buy, please leave them! OR MAINLY IF YOU SEE ANY ITEMS WE ARE FORGETTING!!!!

    Still Need

    backpacking stove
    first aid kit
    rain gear
    space blanket
    polypropolyne long johns
    X shaped spare tire changer

    The Rest of Our List

    tent and footprint
    2 folding camp chairs
    2 sleeping pads and sleeping bags
    propane coleman lantern
    water purifer
    metal pot for stove for boiling water for hot choclate, tea, oatmeal
    thermos's for tea and hot choclate
    sheath knife and multipurpose knife
    toilet paper
    fishing pole/tackle
    candle, matches, lighter
    headlamp light
    30 foot of rock climbing rope
    bug spray

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Looks good to me!

    It's never failed, however, that I've made it more than two days without an
    "Oh, crud" moment and had to run into a Walmart for pertinent items such as shampoo or shoes. So I'm probably not the best person to answer this post. I wound up buying clothes at the 2006 US Grand Prix last year (the Ferrari booth loved me) because I managed to leave all of my shirts in the washing machine in Louisiana. (didn't discover this minor mishap until I was in Tennessee). So - don't worry too much about gear, but do try to show up with clothing.


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    Hello AlexIllinois, and welcome to the RoadtripAmerica Forums!

    You might check out this thread on Car Camping Equipment Lists

    A couple of comments if I may? You don't need a backpacking stove, if you're car camping. A 2 burner, larger stove might be a little easier to use (not as likely to tip over). Also, an extra can of fuel for the stove is always useful. I've got a lantern that runs on the same fuel as the camping stove, so I only need one type of fuel (most backpacking stoves run on other types of fuel than the camping stove or lanterns I've found -- not all, but most).

    You might bring something to use as a cutting board. I actually have a little (6" square) one, but if you're preparing dinner, its really useful. Also a can opener turns out to be useful (but there's usually one on a multi-purpose knife).

    Don't forget cleaning supplies -- paper towels, scrubbing pad, little bit of soap, etc. Also something to wash your face and hands, plus a towel for the showers in the campground or if you swim in the lake.

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