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  1. Default Driving from SF Bay Area to Houston, TX area

    My brother is about to take off on a road trip from the SF Bay Area to visit friends in Sugarland TX. He's not certain of the route (but has been advised to take I-5 to I-10 the whole way), nor where to stop and sleep. Although he's in his 30's and fully capable of figuring it out on his own I'm sure, I'm being a paranoid big sister and hoping to give him some suggestions. Does anyone have any for us? Thanks!!

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    Default The Difference between Paranoid and Sisterly

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    I-5/I-10 is certainly the shortest and most straightforward way to make that journey. At almost 2000 miles, it is a four day drive with overnight stops at roughly Palm Springs; Lordsburg, NM; and Ozona, TX. Especially in west Texas, motels are far enough apart that your brother might want to be fairly certain where he'll bed down for the evening and beware of just pushing on. It is just possible to make this drive in three days of very hard driving, but keep in mind that time zone changes will be working against him. If he decides to try this, then I would highly recommend that, like a marathoner, he know exactly what his pace needs to be and that he pre-book his overnight stays so that he has no unpleasant surprises.


  3. Default Sisterly sounds much better than paranoid....

    Thank you so much for your quick response and ideas. I will definitely pass them on. I'm sure he'll have more to ask when he hears about your suggestions. He was thinking that he could do it with only 2 overnight stays. Your plan sounds much more do-able. This forum is great! Thanks again-

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    Default I Understand about the Big Sister Thing

    I usually road trip with my younger sister (this year's a big exception). But, don't worry about him too much. Hopefully you've raised him right (:) - if you're anything like me) and he'll know to stop when he's tired. I know I worry about my intrepid roadtrip companion when she's off on her own, but she's done enough roadtrips with me at the wheel and always makes it ok.


  5. Default It's nice to know I'm not alone

    Thanks! It's funny how the "big sister" role never changes.

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