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    I would love to take a trip up the East Coast from New Jersey to Maine. I'm a Geneologist and have been to Rhode Island, but that is the furthest I've gone. (That time I flew up) I would love to drive along the cost and stop along the way. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can start to put a trip together? Places to see, food to try, places to stay. Thanks... Susan

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    We have all kinds of suggestions for putting a RoadTrip together. But at its simplest, a RoadTrip has only two components, where you're going and how you get there. So before people can be of much specific help, you'll have to work out those two things.

    For example: Do you really mean to follow the coast up to Maine? The shortest route is via I-84/I-90/I-290 etc. cutting across Connecticut and Massachusetts rather than following I-95/US-1. So is this trip more about the destination or the journey? How much time you have will be a big factor in deciding this. As one case of choosing how to go, consider the many ways through and around NYC.

    What is it you're after? Why Maine? What do you want to see? There is a great deal of history and genealogy in this area (including a good bit of my own), and I'd be more than happy to help to point out a few locations if that's your objective. As for food to try, you're going to Maine, the menu item de riguer is lobster. This is a case where simpler is better. Forget the fancy restaurants and find the local places that serve it on checkered-cloth covered picnic tables by the waterside. Places like Abbott's and Newick's.

    Anyway, you see, that as for any RoadTrip, there is a wide range of possibilities. It can be overwhelming, but it can also be invigorating. Which is up to you.


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    If you want some general things to do in NJ I suggest a costal trip, starting in Cape May, and working up the shore (don't call it the ocean) Cape may is old world charm. Old Victorians restored to better then first built... quiet beaches, family atmosphere. Truly a place to relax! Wildwood is OK take it or leave it... Atlantic City... what can I say? Borgata definitely a stop (murmur is pretty nice!) I suggest starting in Cape May, seeing what there is to see (can do it in a well planned out 8-12 hour day) and head straight to AC, check into the Borgata (or whatever one you want, just make sure its a casino) do a little gambling, sleep, and that night check out some night life, then sleep it off, make a pit stop in ocean city for Johnson's popcorn (get it while its warm, and good... open top, to get as much as you can, and eat it while you're walking the boards, fudge shop fudge, and a Mac & Manco's pizza... nothing better!) Then... honestly from there I'd head up to NYC... and from there its all you. But this is what I suggest....

    Oooh, If you are into thrill rides six flags great adventure in Jackson, NJ... great coasters, including the tallest fastest coaster, with an awesome drive through safari, where the monkeys hop up on your car for a free ride, giraffes like you'd never seen them before.... (standing next to the car, all you see is legs) and all kinds of other cool wildlife from all around the country. They also have a cool tiger, and dolphin show inside the park, both included with admission, the keepers of the tigers are usually in with them, chasing them, laying with them, and all, its pretty cool...

    That's all I can think of now, from my neck of the woods.

    Good luck.

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