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    Please Help! We've never done a roadtrip before and we're planning a cross country trip to New York, and then returning back via Washington, DC, Memphis, and along the I-40. We have a full minivan with 2 parents and 5 kids. We'd like to drive between 8-12 hours a day to allow time for meal stops, but we need nice places to stop with the kids mid-day for lunch and kid-friendly activities.
    We're not eating out, because we have a strict diet, so we're bringing all the food along. We just need good advice for the right places to stop.

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    Default Full Van, Full Days

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Wow, you really are going to have a full van, with 7 people, plus luggage and meals for everyone too.

    I think the best advice is just to stop frequently. There's no right or wrong place, although I suspect having places that have activities where you can really move around, like musuems, zoos, and parks will be best. You're planning some pretty long days where everyone will be crammed together, so the more time you can stop and get out of the car, the better.

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    Default Some more tips

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    East of Albuquerque, about ten minutes off of I-40, you could stop at Tinkertown. It’s a really neat place with all sorts of interesting art and memorabilia on display. The kids will love it, I promise. There are two picnic areas very close by, just a little farther up the road to Sandia Crest.

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