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    Default Philadelphia to Nova Scotia

    hey my name is rachael, and I am new to this forum, but you all seem so helpful I thought I'd give it a try.

    About 5 or 6 people (including myself) we're planning a road trip from Philadelphia to Nova Scotia for about 7-8 days, probably in the first 2 weeks of July. We're all 18-20 age group, and we're interesting in seeing most things, especially anything that is unique, like something we couldn't see anywhere else. We're also interesting in doing some camping along the way, so if anyone knows any good campsites along the way that would be very helpful too (if they have actual toilets too that would be preferred, but we're not too picky)

    We are trying to spend as little money as possible during this trip, as we are all college students, we dont have a ton to spend, so any really cool and possible cheap/free sites to see along the way would be cool.

    we're really up for seeing anything, the only place we've already decided we're definitely stopping along the way is Ptown, Mass. so any other good suggestions are great.

    I know that doesnt help very much to explain what we are interested in seeing, but all of have very different interests so i'm sure any suggestions would be great.
    Furthermore, we are also interesting in any good nightlife we should see along the way, we heard Halifax would be great.

    also, one more question, my friends are sort of set on the idea of just stopping somewhere random and camping out, like in the woods randomly, being the skeptical one in the group, this doesnt sound all that safe to me, but does anyone think it would be okay to do that... is it illegal?

    Thank you so much for you're help, and any suggestions would be great, because there are just so many options we're not even sure where to start.

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    Default To Help You on Your Way

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    OK - Two things we can help you with right off. The first is that you should read through these tips on how to keep your costs down. The second, since you ay that you all have very different interests, is for you all to sit down one evening and take the RoadTrip Comparability Quiz which is actually more of a set of discussion points so that you all know what each other is expecting out of your trip together.

    As for some truly unique suggestions: How would you feel about making casts of real dinosaur footprints? That's available at Dinosaur State Park outside Hartford, CT. If you do that, then you should also continue down the road, CT-160, to cross the Connecticut River on the oldest continuously operating ferry in the US. At this time of year, driving out to the end of Cape Cod would be a challenge, so think about instead driving into Boston (and walking the Freedom Trail - largely free) and taking the ferry over to the Cape. This will save you considerable miles, time and gas, and offer another unique adventure.

    Now as to randomly pulling off the road and camping. While it's probably safe, I wouldn't guarantee it. What I would guarantee is that, unless you're in a National Forest that allows dispersed camping, you will almost certainly be trespassing. Now that's illegal and leaves you at the mercy of the landowner who would be fully justified in pressing charges against you.

    If you're still confused and befuddled, have a look at our Planning Page for links to several different hints.


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