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    I need advice re: a last minute road trip. My two brothers and I will be traveling from NC to Rochester, Minn leaving tomorrow (5/26), arriving in Rochester on 5/29. I think we will hit the road hard tomorrow until Lexington or Louisville, KY, travel to Chicago, IL, and spend a bit of time in Wisconsin. Any suggestions/preferences re: routes and things to see along the way? I have been to Chicago a couple times and Lexington, but would appreciate any insider info. Thanks!!

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    Something you might consider is taking US-52 for the entire trip. The highway is one of the rare US highway routes that actually runs at a diagonal, instead of just north/south or east/west. Its goes from NC right through Rochester, so it could be an interesting option.

    Otherwise your plan of going through Louisville and Chicago seems like it makes sense. Is there anything in particular you are hoping to see or stop at on your way?

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