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    Happy Day, I'm on the road! I flew into St Louis yesterday for a visit with relatives spread out from Fort Riley, Kansas, all the way to Cinncinnati -- it's been a great ride so far.

    I completed the first section with a run from St Louis over through Kansas City to Fort Riley on I-70. It's rained quite a bit, including never letting up overnight in central Kansas -- my son's horses are up to their bellies in water at Ft Riley! But it didn't have much effect on roads or traffic overall -- there have been no delays.

    After a short visit with my son (an Army helicopter crew chief), I raced back to St Louis today and will begin the eastern loop of the trip tomorrow.

    Tonight, I had barbecue at Concordia MO -- at Biffle's -- it was OK, but I was expecting greatness -- I mean after all, this was the Kansas City area! (OK means good food, just not spectacular). I get a little irritated at conspicuous counter tip jars -- since when does counter service warrant tips? :) They didn't give any table service whatsover, not even to check on the need for drink refills! Oh well. Anyway, the folks were mid-west USA friendly and I didn't go away hungry -- didn't leave anything left on the plate either.

    Trivia! In Kansas, milepost 342 to 350 on I-70 is historically-marked as the very first stretch of interstate highway opened in the USA -- so I paid homage as I sped past by toasting it with a quick slug of Deja Blue bottled water! I also found markers on the Missouri stretches of I-70 crediting Dwight Eisenhour's influence in creating our present day interstate system -- his interest began back around 1919 with a cross-country roadtrip that took 62 days! Whoa! No wonder he wanted the interstates built!

    Keep it between the fenceposts! Bob

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    Default Interesting Sign

    I saw that sign out by St. Charles. Actually, that stretch was at one time the Route 66 bypass if I recall correctly.

    Eisenhower's cross country trip was along the Lincoln Highway.

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    Default Yay for Being on the Road!

    I'll have to keep checking in on this thread to see where you are.

    I hope the food and the service improves!


  4. Default 2nd Leg

    The rest of the trip is now history, and I am back at home in Phoenix. I woke up to a nice gentle rain this morning at Defiance, MO and now I am in 100 degrees. Phooey!

    Between St Louis and Connersville, IN I used I-70 again and state roads from south of Indianapolis for the last 75 or 80 miles (mostly SR144 and SR44). On Friday before Memorial Day the traffic was heavy, but other than that (which I avoided by getting OFF the super-slab) the roads were lightly-used for the most part.

    On Saturday, I drove up to Muncie, IN to see a college friend -- we ate well (as usual) and drove over toward Anderson to see Mounds State Park -- also took a little hike along the White River there.

    In the same area, you can visit the house where Wilbur Wright was born, preserved and furnished as it was back then.

    One of Muncie's main attractions is a hiking/bicycling path along a former railroad roadbed (the Cardinal route) -- along its way there is a unique round barn (its current owners are in the process of restoring and preserving it). Round barns were a hot item in the late 1800s -- and would probably be more common today if farmers still built barns at all!

    On Sunday, I drove down SR121 to Laurel and Metamora, IN, stopping at Metamora to see the old canal and the shops along the main street, before driving back to Connersville along SR 1. I got a late start on this particular journey as I watched the Indy 500 before setting out! Next year, I think I might just go to the race instead!

    Metamora preserves itself in its "historical" condition -- in a sense like Oatman, AZ or Nashville in Brown County, Indiana. The aforementioned canal dates from the mid-1800s and was a major transportation route from Ohio into Indiana -- boats on the canal were mule drawn -- the mules walked alongside the banks on a path, and they hauled both freight and passengers.

    No roadtrip is complete without the discovery of a new "favorite" restaurant or two -- on this segment I discovered Pop's (Diner?) at the junction of Indiana SR1 and I-70 -- just west of Richmond, IN. I had a great breakfast there -- just a typical low-rent highway cafe of the type that some of us love -- not too expensive and the servings are large and the food good.

    This morning in Defiance, MO, I found a little place called Dave and Jackie's (or something like that)* that served a great little steak 'n egg breakfast for $7 or $8. The steak was easily of the caliber you'd pay $12 or $15 for elsewhere. Even if I've got the name wrong, it is easy to find -- if you blink going through Defiance you've missed it -- and there is only one other place in town to eat -- a "bar and grill" right across the street. The place where I ate was the one on the WEST side of the Highway (SR94).

    The reason to go see Defiance is because Daniel Boone lived out his last years nearby -- he had a "cabin" that's worth a look -- it's a pretty good sized place for a cabin. If I remember correctly Boone was a local official there for awhile -- maybe a judge or something. You can find it off County Road F from SR94 just north of Defiance.

    Well, that was it -- I had to get back to the St Louis airport by 3:00 pm so Southwest Airlines could teach me once again exactly why I love roadtripping so much... :)

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