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    My daughter needs her car in Philly this summer, and we have agreed to drive it there with her from Los Angeles. Due to complicated circumstances, my husband will drive part way with her, and I will fly and meet them in Chicago and do the final part of the drive.
    I have ordered a road atlas, and have read suggested routes going LA- Grand Junction, Omaha, Chicago to Philly. Is this the most direct, fastest route? Is it around 11 hours a day of driving, with minimal stops? I am sure the intention of most people on this forum is to stop and smell the roses, but my daughter is antsy to just get the car there, and I do not want any of us to do a marathon of nonstop driving. I apologise if I am not getting into the correct spirit of things here, and another time I would love to savor the experience.
    The route that I had seen recommended is three nights, four days.

    Is this correct? Any other suggestions? I need to figure out the timing so we can coordinate flights in and out of Chicago for my H and myself.

    Thanks for any info you can provide!

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    Actually, the most direct route between Los Angeles and Philadelphia would go through St. Louis rather than Chicago. It would only save you around 80 miles, but would also save you the headache of driving through or around Chicago while a major potion of their freeway system is under repair. This routing would have you take I-15 out of LA and then I-40 to Oklahoma City, I-40 to St. Louis, I-70 to south central Pennsylvania and I-76 into Philly. LA to St. Louis is about 1825 miles, so easily doable in 4 days. However, I get the impression that you really mean to cover the entire 2700+ miles from LA to Philly in four days. I suppose that it's just within the realm of possibility, and we do offer a number of tips on how to complete such a speed run.

    If you use Chicago as your connection point, then your husband and daughter will have to cover just a shade over 2000 miles before you join them, making for a VERY hard three days. The route would be as you described, but note that it does involve some mountain driving through Utah and Colorado which, while spectacular, can be tiring. Again, I think you should look at the St. Louis alternative.


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    I appreciate your feedback. I will look at an atlas later tonight after I get over to a bookstore.
    The tips about construction in Chiago is very helpful, plus the avoidance of mountain driving is a plus.

    Thanks! :)

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