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    Hi All,

    Firstly wanna say how much good info in on the forum's and website, feel a bit more confident on planning a road trip.

    I'm looking for some ideas as where to head to, gonna be in Vegas for 3 days then heading off towards San Fran but not sure what direction/route to take. Wanna see the Canyon and Hoover Dam but not sure which way to go. Have been told to head out towards Reno/Tahoe but not sure if thats the best way and whats in between.

    Any ideas how long the trip will take to get to SF, I want to plan about 2/3 days but need some idea's where to visit on the way.

    Gonna stay in SF for 3 days then head down thew coast road towards Monteray/Carmel and head towards San Diego. Any tips on routes to Vegas from here and also any good places to stay on the route, wanna stay out of LA.

    Thanks All...

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    We've got tons of threads with ideas and suggestions about the trip from Vegas. The trip to Reno/Tahoe is a good one, but traveling through Yosemite is probably the most popular option. This thread has links to our favorite suggestions on the topic.

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    Thanks Mike, much apprecaite the links. Probably gonna head from Vegas and get to Yosemite. Can anyone recommend anywhere to stay in/near Yosemite and also any tips on driving thru the park ?

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