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  1. Default road trip in june from new orleans to washington dc-weather in the carolinas?

    hey all,

    me and two girlfriends are taking a road trip at the beginning of june for two weeks starting in new orleans and driving to dc.

    we are wondering about the weather on the carolina coasts, are hurricans gonig to be a big issue in early june?

    also, we are plannign to stop in the following areas;

    -gulf coast, new orleans (surrounding area, biloxi,ocean springs)
    alabama-birmingham and mobile
    -then drive to atlanta, and do savannah and then charleston
    -then drive parts of the carolina coast (wilmington, cape fear)

    and then drive up to virginia (williamsburg, norfolk, the national park there) and then dc

    any suggestions for our trip and places to go and see woudl be greatly appreciated


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Although June is the official start of the Atlantic hurricane season, you should have very little to worry about. I would be more concerned about the humidity, though if you are accustomed to East coast Summer weather, it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

    Is Washington, DC the end of the trip, or are you planning on making this a loop?

  3. Default road trip in june

    thanks for the tip-

    a friend si continuing up the entire east coast, and a few of us are flying back to california (where we live) from dc.

    thanks again for your help, yeah i don't know about humidity though, boo!

    we are still debating whether we want to do more of the north carolina coast, or drive from wilmington/cape fear area into eastern north carolina to see more of the blue ridge parkway/nature into virginia.. any thoughts?

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    Hi, what all is there to do between New Orleans and say.. Orlando, FL? You mentioned a few stops in Alabama and Mississippi, do you know of any cool stops along the way?

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