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    Default Crystal Lake Requests the Widening of Route 14

    The Chamber of Commerce of Crystal Lake has put out a request to the powers that be to widen US Highway 14 through Crystal lake, Illinois, all the way to the Wisconsin state line.

    They cite the huge increase in traffic and resulting delays and jams.

    What I found interesting about this was that this newspaper article dates back to January 27, 1941!!!!!!!

    This article was found by a person doing reserch in the McHenry County Historical Society in Union, Il.

    Anyone who takes US-14 through Crystal Lake today, where it HAS been widened to four lanes, knows they are fast approaching gridlock. I guess they'll need to expand to six to eight lanes. The Chicago metropolitan sprawl continues its march outward.

    Let's file this under "Some things just don't change."

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    Default Funny!

    I've driven that stretch of US-14 more than a few times. I usually only go as far as Harvard, where I catch the train to Chicago, but I've driven to Crystal Lake and beyond more than once and it really is just one big stretch of sprawl.

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    Default Good find!

    It is kinda funny. But sad, too. We don't tend to do a very good job of urban planning in this country, imho.

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    Default Sad to Say

    US-14 continues on through Woodstock, Il., (where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed and home of one of the most beautiful town squares you'll find anywhere).

    The other main road through Woodstock is Illinois Highway 47 and that is another really bad one to drive on. Don't plan on making any time through it.

    However, I still highly recommend this road as a means of getting around Chicago going north or south. Traffic gets bad in Woodstock and Huntley to the south of it, but otherwise is a lot more pleasant than the tollways and interstates through Chicago.

    Most of the time it is wide open country driving, but you can easily see the subdivisions and shopping centers lapping at it.

    Keep on Down that Two Lane Highway. --RoadDog

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