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    Default Los Angeles to Vancouver

    I am searching for resourses that will help me in my roadtrip from los angeles to vancouver. Any info would be great! Things worth stopping off for, amount of time i should leave, etc. Thanks

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    Default A big canvas

    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    LA to Vancouver is a pretty broad subject.

    The first step is to narrow some things down, with the amount of time you have being probably the biggest question. Its a 1300 mile trip, so it could comfortably traveled in 2 1/2 days via I-5, but you could easily spend weeks or months exploring the attractions both along the coast and inland.

    If you look at the bottom of this thread, you'll find links to several other discussions on the route. You can also use the forum's search function to find even more posts on the area.

  3. Default What would you like to see or do?

    Hello Hazydays,

    A couple of comments if I may? I'm planning to do this basic roadtrip this summer (and somewhat beyond), and I've done essentially the same trip a number of times before.

    First of all, what would you like to see or do on the way? How much time do you want to take? What are your personal interest? Scenery? Mountains? Beaches? Cities? Cultural events? Music and the arts? Do you want to stay in downtown 4-star hotels? or do you want to camp along the way? All of those can determine where you go, and how long you want to visit somewhere.

    The basic trip can be done in as little as 2 long driving days -- I've essentially done it several times. But that trip is up the I-5 (Interstate Highway 5 -- one of the superhighways), and doesn't go to many of the interesting places. The superhighway is very fast, but somewhat dull, and you will spend 11-12 hours a day driving on both days. That's very long and tiring, at a minimum. But its the fastest way, other than by train or plane.

    You can drive the trip up along the coast almost the entire way on PCH (Pacific Coast Highway, or Coast 1, or Coast Highway), and I-101 (a somewhat smaller highway). But that trip will take about a week.

    Or you can take the trip going inland via Las Vegas, Reno, Klamath Falls, Bend and Yakima, before cutting back to Seattle and Vancouver. That's also somewhat longer than I-5, and would take 4-5 days from a quick guestimate.

    You should also be aware that you will need to cross an international border to Vancouver. Most rental car agencies don't allow their cars to be taken across a border, without a specific agreement, so you need to check on that if you're going to be using a rental car.

  4. Default LA to BC

    My wife and I are planning the same trip soon. We are in Dallas. From there we are visiting Santa Fe and the Grand Canyon. We will be staying with a friend in LA for a few days and then heading up. We would like to stay as close to the coast as possible. We are hoping to spend about a week to 10 days and camping as much as possible. Any suggestions on must-sees? We both love anything outdoors and will have a dog with us.

    I appreciate any help yall can give!

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    Default Lots of good links

    You might check out some of the links in this post. Several will have some great ideas for you. Also this discussion about the LA-Seattle route. And Vambo's roadtrip report with pictures is definitely gonig to give you a lot of great ideas.

    You should both check these out and then come back with any specific questions you have so we can help you tweak your trip to fit your interests and desires. Have fun!

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