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  1. Default Urgent: NYC to Indy: I80 or I76 to get there?

    Taking a roadtrip from NYC to Indy for the Indy 500 this weekend (leaving the day after tomorrow). I'm getting conflicting instructions on the best route to take. Some say taking I-80 West is best, others seem to think I78 to I76 and onward is the way to go. Seems both are close to the same time-wise.

    Would value your input, but need it ASAP.

    Appreciate the help.

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    Default Can't help with the route

    I am afraid that I don't have any knowledge of the roads along the route that you're looking to take. I just wanted to post to welcome you to the site and to tell you how jealous I am of you heading to Indy! I hope you have a fantastic time - be sure to come back here and tell us how it goes!

  3. Default Thanks for the welcome

    Thanks for welcoming me. Hopefullly someone will have some comment on the pros/cons of either route. I haven't been on a solo road trip in MANY years (probably 5+), so I'm looking forward to it. Doesn't hurt that I have the race to look forward to during the trip!

    In my "past life" I used play in a band, and had to regularly drive solo (since I wanted my own car wherever we would be) from WI down to Cincinnati, and down to the west coast of Fl on a regular basis, so have had a lot of experience on the north/south route, but no experience with the NYC west trips.

    As I mentioned in my 1st post, it looks like both routes are about the same "time-wise", so I am really looking forward to any comments as to the aesthetics of either route.

    Thanks again for the welcome and I'll make sure to come back and give my review of the trip.

    Take care.

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    Default Why not both?

    Why not take I-80 there and then I 76/78 on the way back? I took I-78 out of Indy a few years ago (leaving the USGP - can't wait for this June when I go back). But, I was heading to Niagra Falls. It was a very pretty route. I wound up on I-80 for just a short time when making my way back to Louisiana later, but didn't make it back as far west as Indy. Both were very pretty, but nothing spectacular. Of course I was still very mad after the whole Michelin debacle that year and probably missed a lot of cool things.


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    Default Personally..

    ...I think I would opt for I-80.

    I've always likes the trip on I-80 across PA, plus it doesn't have the tolls that you'd find on the PA Turnpike.

    But I would also be pretty likely to do as Laura suggested and take one route west and the other route for the return trip east.

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    Default Sounds like good advice

    I would check out that there's no major roadworks along either route and, if not, do as suggested and go out on one route and back on the other. If nothing else, at least you'll have seen some different scenery. You'll also know for sure which is your preferred route for next May :)

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    Looks like I might take the southern route (78-76-70) on the way out, and I-80 route back. It appears that the "southern route" goes THRU the mountains (as in tunnels straight thru) while the northern winds around them. Since my trip out will have portions that I'll have to drive at night, I figured I'd do the tunnel thing, and then enjoy my daylight driving return by winding around them.

    I'm also going to check out any possible construction on either before setting my plan in stone.

    I also welcome and further advice from people who may have traveled on both routes.

    Regardless, I'll report back when I return.

    Thanks again to all.

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