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    Default Advice on Charleston & Surfside Beach SC


    We are travelling from Florida to Washington in July/August (3 weeks) and I have just about sorted my itinery & route with the exception of a couple of places.

    There are 3 of us 2 adults & a 13 year old. We are hiring a convertible & are staying in 3* plus hotels!

    We are staying in Savannah for 2 nights & then plan to stay in Charleston for 1 night. Am having trouble finding a downtown hotel - does anyone know anything about an area called Shem Creek? It is over a bridge from downtown and looks quite nice.

    After that we are travelling to Myrle Beach. All of the hotels look huge and v v "touristy". Does anyone know anything about Surfside Beach? It looks quieter but I am not sure there is enough around there?



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    Default Charleston Lodging

    Quote Originally Posted by Philippa View Post
    We are travelling from Florida to Washington
    Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum, I am afraid it has been too long since I was there in person, but I am sure some of our locals will be along soon.


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    Default Are you looking to avoid 'touristy'?

    Nice to see another Brit here, welcome!

    I'm not sure, from your post, if you're looking to avoid 'touristy' areas? If you are then Myrtle Beach may not be 100% your cup of tea because, I recall, it is precisely that. If you like massive buffets and golf then you will love it. Hoever, if you're looking for a quieter and more relaxing stay, I would suggest that you check out nearby Murrells Inlet.

    I am not sure of the hotel situation in that area, as we camped there, but I do know that there are some fantastic seafood restaurants and bars there. And the adjacent Huntington Beach State Park has a fantastic (and quiet) beach if you're looking for that. We saw some spectacular sunsets there. I can recommend it highly.

    Myrtle Beach itself is a short drive away and, I don't know if it's your game or not, but you might want to take in a ball game if your visit coincides with a home game. Unfortunately ours didn't but, we were told, it is a fantastic venue to watch at.

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