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    hey fellow travelers, I just took a quick glance at some of the posts here and it looks like there are many experienced travelers here. A few of my fraternity brothers and I (about 10 of us), decided to go on a road trip from mid August for about 5 days. It was either this or a 4 day cruise to Ensenada, and Im glad we choose this. Anyways, we plan to rent an RV, and have a budget of around 2000 to 2500. As usual, we all think we can plan this, but I doubt any of us will think about this until the week before, thats why I want to get this planned out asap or get an idea. Basically, im looking for advice on the perfect trip, or suggested places to stop. We leave from UCLA area in Los Angeles. We want to hit San Fransisco and Yosemite (some things we discussed). I also saw some posts on Napa, Grand Canyon, and Vegas is always cool. Basically, we want to hit as many places and perhaps camp somewhere at some point. Im open to all suggestions on a 5 day road trip, including or not including the above locations. Also, keep in mind that were all from 20 to 23, if that matters at all. Also, if anyone knows cool famous food places along the way, please mention them. I appreciate all the help.

  2. Default Organization is going to be your friend...

    5 days with 10 guys?

    This is an interesting question, and one which I'm going to fall back to how we do things in a Scout Troop with about the same number of folks traveling.

    If you're taking an RV, you're probably want to also take 1-2 cars (depends on the cars and who's going I'd guess). The reason for this, is that you're not going to fit 10 people into an RV, unless its *HUGE* and closer to a bus than a RV. Use the RV for gear and stuff, and let the car(s) scout ahead and make any side trips needed.

    The reason I said organization, is that with this many people you're going to need to pre-plan where you're going to spend the night and how you split up the chored (cooking, cleaning up, etc). You've exceeded the typical limit at a campsite or RV site (usually its 6 per site, unless you're in a specific group site). If you want to be together or nearby, plus you're going in the middle of some of the busiest times for vacationing, you may want to get some campground/ RV campground reservations real quickly before they're all gone. ( You can stay in hotels, but then why bring the RV? ) Have some of your buddies bring a couple of tents to set up, so you're not all sleeping on each other on the floor of the RV. It'll be more fun that way, and you can rotate who sleeps in or out , plus if someone's tired they can flake out without everyone else making noise and stepping on them to keep them awake -- if you're near the beach, it may be more popular for folks to sleep out than in.

    Have a meeting (pizza and beer of course), and put together a duty roster of who's on for cooking and cleaning up. I figure you'll do something simple for breakfast (boil water for instant coffee, oatmeal, etc), then sandwiches & chips for lunch, and then BBQ up burgers or dogs or something for dinner. The RV will be good to carry the stuff, but you'll need an ice chest for the food, or any other beverages that need to be kept cold :^. But someone's going to have to organize things, make a shopping list, and work with folks to make sure food gets made, the utensils get cleaned, stuff gets restowed, and things are organized somewhat. If you've got 10 people, figure 2 on each meal. There're roughly 15 meals, and 30 "cook or clean up" slots. Put everyone on 1 day's worth of cook/ prepare, and 1 day's worth of clean up afterwards -- and then the other 3 day's they're free (or they can pick to do both the cook & clean up for a day, and then they're free the 4 other days...).

    For 5 days out of Westwood, I'd recommend something not too crazy.. you're not going to get an early start on the morning if I know college guys (my start was usually in the double digits), and you're going to want to pitch camp early in the evenings to relax around the campfire, have burgers and a cold drink.

    For a first day, try up the coast to maybe somewhere like Jalama Beach (south and west of Lompoc). It's a really isolated beach, but there's a county park there and a small snack bar. I think you can get group reservations.. and if you hit it during the week, it might be easier to get in.

    Then up the coast to perhaps San Simeon and camp at somewhere like San Simeon State Beach campground -- across PCH from the beach. Or somewhere like Montana de Oro State Park (south of Morro Bay). You can mountain bike or go to Hearst Castle or goof off on the beach for the day. If you've got a car or two available, then you can basecamp at the beach with the guys who want to surf or swim or lay out or bike, and let the folks who who want to go to Hearst Castle or something split off for a while.

    From there you can side trip to the Paso Robles wine county, or in a day go to Yosemite (if you can find a place to camp), or in a day go up to Monterey/ Carmel area, or beyond to San Francisco. You might get in at one of the beach-accessible other state parks up through Big Sur, and that would be an option as well.

    Yosemite would be a great place for you to go, but I'd be concerned about being able to find a spot by this time. Check it out, and if you can find a couple of spots in a campground, you might want to go for it. You could easily spend a couple of days there.

    But all in all, I think you'd be best with a) a little bit of organization and pre-planning since there's a bunch of folks, b) planning on a lbit of "basecamping" where some of you pick a spot and plan on enjoying it for a day or two and letting the group split out to do several different things, and c) don't go crazy by being on the road a lot of hours. My take is every one will enjoy it more with a bit of structure with that many people, and from taking a relaxed tone about how far to go and group things to do, and not trying to do a gonzo trip.

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    Default How 'bout the cruise

    You sure it isn't too late to book the boat?

    The reason I ask is that 10 guys seems like a really unwieldly number. As was stated above, you can't all ride in an RV (I don't think even a 40 footer would seat 10 and certainly won't sleep 10).

    I'd say pick a place where you want to spend some time, take two days to get there, spend a couple of days, then do the long drive down I-5 back home. That adds up to five days. The only problem with SF is getting an RV into town, or into a BART parking lot, and getting the whole group into town. One possibility is doing the RV and tent plan (two campsites) at Half Moon Bay State Beach (make a reservation). Its a nice place to hang out by the water (though not near restaurants), it is close enough that as many as 6 of you can get to SF by car, or you can take the whole crew over to the BART station in Redwood City.

    Another place to park the RV in SF might be the Stonestown shopping center parking lot (in back) or the lot at City Beach at the foot of Golden Gate Park. Street parking and parking lots on the Bay side of downtown might be possible, but you'd have to ask someone who knows the city well, or at City Hall for recommendations. From either place you can take Muni into town. Note that relying on public transportation slows you down. You can take the RV across the Golden Gate bridge and up to the Marin Headlands for the classic view of the city beyond the bridge.

    Alternatively, you can do the trip to Yosemite or Vegas or Grand Canyon, if you can get a campground reservation. Same plan, two days to get there, two days to spend there, and a long day home. You can get around the on foot or via trams/busses. There is lots to do and things to see.

    Either destination is good, will keep you entertained for two days, but trying to do more seems impractical at best.


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    Default One More Problem

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I hate to add to the woes that the previous responders have laid at your doorstep regarding this trip, but neither has mentioned the 900 pound gorilla in the room, and that is your budget. I know $2500 (I'm going to be generous in all my assumptions here) sounds like a lot of money, but for 10 guys over 5 days that's only $50/person/day. Gas alone (again, I'm going to be generous and assume that you do only the minimum trip you've laid out, can manage to find a vehicle that can haul 10 guys and still get 20 mpg, and that gas doesn't rise any further in price) will set you back $1000 at least. If you have to pay for the rental out of that $2500, there goes another $500-800 and that's only if at least two of you are over 21 and only those two do all the driving. If you camp out each night at the cheapest campsites you can find, and you will need to take two sites at a minimum, that's another $150. Even with this bare bones travel plan, you're left with $10/person/day to eat drink and be merry, which will hardly make for the 'perfect' trip


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