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    We are planning a trip out east over Memorial Day Wknd. Martha's Vineyard is close to where we will be driving. Is it as quaint & beautiful as it sounds? Any thoughts and/or advice about MV would be grand. Thank you!

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    Much as I love the New England Coast, and have explored most of it including some of the offshore islands, I have never found the time or made the effort to get over to either Martha's Vineyard or Nantucket. The Vineyard probably is as charming as it's made out to be, but is also not cheap and I'm not sure if Memorial Day weekend would be the best time to experience it's charm. Remember the scene in "Jaws" of the first day of the season on 'Amity'? It was filmed in Edgartown. Plus it's roughly $100 to take your car over, although a day trip on foot is much more reasonable. So in the end, it's your call. One just as quaint but less visited option would be Block Island reachable from Point Judith, RI.


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    It's better than Catalina Island, I would rent a scooter, bike or use the bus to get around. We didn't drive when we were there, and when I got there, I didn't see the need to. I would research more "off the beaten path" roads and trails.

    Don't forget to get the "mandatory" Black Dog Tavern shirt even though they're a chain. It's like CBGBs (which I had the (then) choice of red, black or white t-shirts, now they've expanded into all sorts of stuff even if they shut their doors), it's always better getting the shirt at the place than in a chain store.

    I wish I had gone there more when I lived in New Hampshire and Conneticut, it is always a lot of fun...

    Hyannisport is okay, there's motels and seafood places.

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    If you are planning to take a vehicle to Martha's Vineyard you need to make reservations well in advance. Memorial Day weekend is the start of the season and unless you have reservations made months in advance it will be impossible to get one. You need to contact the Steamship Authority. They leave out of Woods Hole. If you are just going across without a vehicle there will be no problem. If you do get a reservation because someone cancelled be sure to be there several hours in advance of boarding as you have to line up and sometimes if you are at the end of the line even with a reservation you may not get on. It's a great place to visit. Used to live there. I think there is a campground there but never having camped there I can't be sure.

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    Thank you so much for the input on Martha's Vineyard. We do plan on getting to the island so we are hoping for smooth travels. Someone had mentioned long lines if taking a car across...does this apply if we are walking once we get to the island?
    Wow, this site is an excellent resource! Thank you.
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    Thank you to all who participated on this thread. It's exactly what I was looking for.

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