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  1. Default Hi I need to find a ride to Minot N. D.

    I am working late here planning on leaving Seattle by next Saturday or near abouts to go to Minot N.D. I am looking for someone that isnt quite as "income impacted" (grin) as I am so I can pay them a fixed amount and save as much cash as I can. My target price would be in the area just under what a bus would cost. I would not mind driving and am hoping to go straight through as much as possible to keep costs down.

    I am 53, am legally licensed in the state of washington and would be glad to give any info needed to satisfy you before engaging in such a trip. I have no accidents in over 20 years and NO "incumbrances" in any way.

    I hope to be in Minot for about 4 or 5 days and continue to Wilminton Del as well. Please feel free to reply to me, it should get to my email or I will check this forum again and often. I look forward to any reply! : )

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    Default Why not Minot?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Good luck in finding someone who meets your criteria.

  3. Default Update info...

    Thanks for allowing me to search here:
    Here is the update info. My boss has said that he needs me around work
    longer before I start my vacation, so that now I will be leaving on Wed the
    30th instead of this coming Saturday. So I have a bit of more time to find someone to help me get to Minot. If there is anyone interested, I'd sure love to hear about it! : )


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