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    Hi guys

    Four of us from Ireland hope to do a road trip around California in the last two weeks of July. However we dont know whats the best way to do it?

    Should we A) rent a campervan or B) rent a car and stay in Motels..etc?

    If best is A, then have you any recommendations with regards to campervan rental sites? Which is best company / cheapest...etc

    Also if you do rent a campervan, do they HAVE to be parked in an official camping site and is it illegal to park anywhere?

    We fly in and out of LAX, but we hope to travel down to San Diego and across to Vegas and back to LA. Has anyone got a suggested route along these lines and also any camp sites or places to stay along the way.

    All your help is very much appreciated.

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    Céad Míle Fáilte!

    My personal choice would be to rent a comfortable car and get a couple of motel rooms each night. I think that having four of you cramped up in the save very small space for two weeks is going to get pretty old, and pretty odiferous, pretty fast. And in the end it may even cost you more with the higher vehicle rental and lower gas mileage. If you want the camping experience, then buy a few tents and sleeping bags, or bring your own, and camp out in our parks. If you decide to go the campervan or RV route, be sure to read our articles on how to rent an RV and RV safety. One company that our RV proponents have recommended in the past is Cruise America which does have a Los Angeles location (not at the airport, though). It is illegal to park on private property, so in essence you must camp in a designated camping spot, be it a national or state park or a commercial location. As for your route and suggestions for it, have a look at the links in this post for starters.


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    Default Boondocking -- with or without permission

    Quote Originally Posted by hilln21 View Post
    Also if you do rent a campervan, do they HAVE to be parked in an official camping site and is it illegal to park anywhere?
    AZBuck's advice on this issue is sound -- but here is an alternative way to look at this approach -- over here we refer to this as pavement boondocking...


  4. Default Insurance and Driving Liscences

    Go Raibh Mile Maith Agaibh (Thanks a million) for your responses. Theres a lot of great informaion there.

    I think RVing is the way to forward. We will be doing the whole car rental and motels on the east coast the month previous. Plus with four of us it could be cramped in a car especially with luggage etc.

    Just a couple of other questions on RVs. What is the deal with the need to have Full Driving Licences? Do they need two drivers to have this? Do rental companies accept Provisional Licences, or is it illegal to drive in the States on just a provisional. (Over here its illegal to drive on your own on just a provisional but its rarely enforced)

    How much is Insurance generally? Also Gas expenses? I take it RVs drink a lot of gas?

    Thanks again guys

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