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    OK, is it possible for me to get insured on a car if im under 21?, i made another thread about my trip, its from NYC to CA.

    Me and my friend will have drivers licences (British) and well be 20 when we get to NYC, we plan on buying a car over there.

    Whats the best way to do this? Ive heared its "hard if not impossible" and i dont want this to stop the trip.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Limey View Post
    OK, is it possible for me to get insured on a car if im under 21?,
    You still need to speak with your insurance carrier before you make any decision about the best insurance coverage for your situation.

    Larrison found this information as well:
    From the University of Syracuse in New York State, about how foreign students can buy and register a car in the US or drive in the US.
    Arranging for Auto Insurance in New York State


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