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    Default Rumor Check - CA Gas Prices

    Well, my mom is going to be returning home to Central Washington next week from here in Phoenix, and just checking a rumor she heard about gas prices in California being $4/gallon ($4.35 to be more precise). Anyone along the I-5 corridor heard this is true?

    I checked out the fuel cost calculator and some websites, but I rarely find such sites accurate (they're not even accurate here in Phoenix... the "temperature map" shows us below $3, we're at least $3.05 for the cheapest.).

    I think I will send her up via Utah though... Fewer mountains to climb and less mileage.

    But, just out of my curiosity, any Road trippers on the I-5 seeing +$4/gallon for regular?

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    Default Not yet

    It wouldn't surprise me at all to see gas above the $4 mark inside San Francisco, but those would probably be stations that are acually in the city, not those out along I-5. No first hand knowledge though.

    The highest prices I've actually seen myself is $3.50 for regular, but I've heard that regular is over $3.70 most places in Chicago, which would put premium up at the $4 mark.

    I'm fully expecting one more good 20 cent a gallon jump this week, before the slow trickle back down after Memorial Day. But I'm not expecting prices to drop below $3 again until well after Labor Day in september.

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    Default Pretty unlikely

    Quote Originally Posted by Arizona Brad View Post
    I checked out the fuel cost calculator and some websites, but I rarely find such sites accurate
    That is interesting, I check the data we support on this site quite often, and find them to be remarkably accurate. Here is a link to the major sections in California. I just did a spot check with folks who drive I-5 on a regular basis -- no one has seen prices that high... yet.


  4. Default Rumor is I think, untrue

    I did a bit of snooping around on gas prices in California.

    As near as I can tell, their isn't anywhere on the I-5 corridor that's over $4/ galloon, although there are severl places in the $3.50-.3.70 range for regular. (Also depends upon self serve versus having the attendant pump it for you, which adds another $0.10 to 0.20 per gallon -- if you can find somewhere to do it.)

    Most of the I-5 corridor has pretty competitive prices, since there're enough stations competing to keep the prices down, and with major refineries in the LA and SF areas, the supply is good which also keeps prices down. The higest prices look up in the mountain areas pushing into Oregon, which is to be expected.

    Interestingly enough, I did find a couple of gas stations which wanted $3.999 per gallon for regular in California -- but in Needles CA, on the Arizona border. If you cross the colorado river (about 3-5 miles away) gas prices are $3.159 per gallon. Go figure why folks would pay that much more a gallon. (In general gas prices in Arizona are about 20 cents a gallon cheaper than California, due to the higher taxes in California on gasoline.)

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    I have found to be a pretty darn accurate gauge for gas prices. :) I live in MA and I use it all the time to find the cheapest places around. It's been helpful during my time in southern CA too ($3.40ish in the area I've been in during the last two weeks-- Ventura).

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    Default Back here in the UK

    Gas prices keep rising over here too. Today I paid 106.9 a LITRE. Or $8.12 a gallon. Admittedly that's the exception rather than the rule but, still, it makes you think!

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    Default $8.12 per gallon!

    Quote Originally Posted by UKCraig View Post
    Or $8.12 a gallon
    Double Yikes!


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    Default Probably shouldn't say this

    but... Gas is about 2.99 a gallon in Louisiana and Texas. Granted much of it's refined in these two states so we have to put up with the pollution, etc.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Editor View Post
    Double Yikes!
    That serves me right for helping to vote Tony Bliar in! God help us now Brown is coming :o

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    Default Trains & Tubes

    Craig, imho, your lovely train system and London's Tube make up for it. It's not possible to travel the same way in the states. You have options we don't.

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